Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shooting at Family Research Council - Shooter Opposed Chick-Fil-A & FRC's Pro-Life Pro-Family Agenda

The shooter is a liberal activist who had been volunteering at a community center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT), according to the Associated Press. The Gunman is identified as Floyd Lee Corkins II
and the guard is identified as Leo Johnson.
The Shooter was also targeting the Traditional Values Coalition, according to TVC President Andrea Lafferty who says their office address was on a paper in the gunman's pocket.

A hero guard was shot today as he stopped a gunman from entering the Family Research Council in Washington DC. The shooting is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. Family Research Council is a Christian, conservative based organization. Fox News reports that witnesses say the shooter was speaking out against the Family Research Council's Pro-Life, Pro-Family agenda as he tried to enter the building. A security Guard stopped the shooter to ask where he was going and that is when the security guard was shot. Thankfully, the guard fought back, even after being shot, and was able to wrestle the shooter to the ground and took the gun. Witnesses say that after the shooter was subdued, the shooter told the guard, "it was not about you, it was about what this place stands for." The shooter was allegedly even carrying a Chick-Fil-A bag as he tried to enter the building.

According to Media Research Center, Tony Perkins, the President of FRC, was an outspoken defender of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s public stand against same-sex marriage, which made the fast-food chain a flashpoint in the nation’s culture wars. The Cathy family foundation has funded the Family Research Council.

‘‘He’s taking a bold stand,’’ Perkins said after Cathy’s comments were reported. ‘‘Chick-fil-A is a Bible-based, Christian-based business who treats their employees well. They have been attacked in the past about their stand. But they refuse to budge on this matter, and I commend them for what they are doing.’’

Family Research Council has been involved in protecting traditional marriage nationwide and fighting against the killing of unborn babies. FRC recently supported and promoted the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. I was one of the many people who waited in line to get a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A to support free speech and support traditional marriage. It was a record breaking day for Chick-Fil-A. Those opposed to Chick-Fil-A and Christian, conservative values must have been very upset to see that that most Americans support family values. Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day brought thousands of supporters to EACH Chick-Fil-A all across America. The anti-Family, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Marriage supporters were only able to get very few supporters to show up to protests "kiss ins" at few Chick-Fil-A locations in America.

It seems as though this shooting was motivated by hate and anger by a man who does not like the Christian, conservative beliefs of FRC or Chick-Fil-A. It does not help that this hate was likely fueled by liberals and Democrats who got on national TV and illegally and unconstitutionally threatened to use their government power to kick Chick-Fil-A out of their cities because of the personal Christian beliefs of the owner of Chick-Fil-A. These liberals call for tolerance of other people's beliefs, unless you are a Christian and then they don't seem to believe your beliefs should not be tolerated. They go past just not tolerating Christian beliefs though. Can you imagine a mayor saying that no businesses would be allowed to open in his city if the business was owned by a gay person? There would be national outrage! And yet, the liberal media did not seem outraged that mayors in cities like Boston and Chicago openly stated that they would prevent a business (Chick-Fil-A) from opening in their cities because the owner has Christian beliefs.

What a sad day in America.

Even as I post this article, the liberal New York Times has the articles about this shooting at the bottom of the news section under the title "More News." Higher up on the NY Times front page, under the main news section, they have a much more breaking news article titled: Gay Male Stand-Up Comics Await Spotlight


  1. The heterophobes are far more hate-filled than they accuse us of being.

  2. I'm a conservative,but i hate texas

  3. [Right on, David. Saw this goodie on the net just now. Chad]

    Another "Washington Deceased" Shooting

    Re the Family Research Council shooting, it looks like Luke 17's two predicted "days" are becoming one "perviolent" day - and that the misguided critics of FRC don't NoahLot ! (Everyone should Google "The Anti-Chick-fil-A Jihad" and "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.")

  4. This is a great news story! I'm so excited that Americans rallied behind Chik-Fil--A.!
    Freedom of speech is everyones right. The real bigots and hypocrites are those who are intolerant of Chik-Fil-A's freedom of speech stance. It shows how twisted and depraved the gay/lesbian agenda really is.