Monday, August 13, 2012

Brandon Darby Exposes Child Sex Trafficking Cover-up by Eric Holder's DOJ

Brandon Darby has hit the national scene (again). This time, Darby has come out swinging (on at Eric Holder's Department of Justice with proof that the DOJ has covered-up multiple cases of Child Sex Trafficking.This comes on the heels of Eric Holder being Held in Contempt by the United States House of Representatives for refusing to release documents in the fast and furious gun walking program that led to the death of federal border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Brandon Darby is not your average Texan. Darby is a conservative hero. Darby was once a liberal activist. Darby realized that liberal values were taking America in the wrong direction and were even becoming violent. After Darby became an FBI informant and exposed a plot by two liberal activists to bomb the 2008 Republican National Convention, Darby officially "came out" as a new conservative and began fighting to help people using conservative values instead of hurting them with liberal values.

I met Darby when he came to my neck of the woods (Lumberton, Texas) to gather info for his story NAACP Chapter President plays Race Card to Cover-up Child-Rape Charges Against His Relative. I was honored to help Darby by investigating Texas Media Bias and how The Silsbee Bee Downplayed the Child Rape Even After the Assailant Pleaded Guilty to Assault.

I followed Darby's activities and was able to interview him about how He brings Andrew Breitbart's Conservative Fighting Style to the Texas Ring. During last year's massive Texas Wildfires in Texas, Darby used the organization he founded (Citizen Patriot Response) to help victims of the wildfires.

Read Darby's latest article exposing the child sex trafficking cover-up here on


  1. Lumberton - We Have Problem
    One of the most professional groups of volunteer firefighters have found themselves in a fire fight that they never expected. And that is with the ESD board that provides the tax dollars that protect the citizens of Lumberton. And there is a good chance that the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department and EMS may be no more in the next 30 days - which would leave the citizens of Lumberton without protection.
    Four sources have told the Review that there is a power play going on with ESD Board members and the leadership of the fire department. the ESD made the decision to hire firefighters to work during the day to protect the city. There is fear of a lack of men and women to respond during the day which creates a problem. The ESD is the taxing arm for the VFD - they hold the purse strings. When they hired day time firefighters - State Law says they must have an accredited fire chief on the payroll. That payroll must be from an accredited fire department. Lumberton VFD is that accredited department in both FIRE AND EMS. However, the ESD is not. There are three board members that want to take over the management of the department by having the ESD and Lumberton VFD sign an agreement (annual) that gives complete control of the assets and management to the ESD - who has no accreditation. According to a source VERY CLOSE to the ESD - they are going to make the Fire Department sign the agreement or cease doing business (for those of you in north Orange County - cut off their funds meaning money). In effect, it would shut down the fire department and EMS to the citizens in 30 days. Anger has erupted and there will be what is being called a "wild board meeting" on Thursday night which will pack the hall. The three that want control over the operations of the fire department and EMS through a new chief are Susan Evans, a banker at a local bank, Bob Wood - who some are concerned that he is ill and doesn't understand the issues, and there may be one other vote to take over the management of the department.
    This all after the citizens - under warning what would happen - were pushed into passing a tax to cover the ESD and provide service to the citizens during the day - which turns out now to be one of the worse things that can happen to a well run organization. When you get OPM (for those of you in North Orange County - Other Peoples Money) crazy things start to happen. And it has begun. Everyone thinks they now know how to run a fire department. And running the department is going to get interesting.First, if not deal is cut - then the VFD and the ESD split. Meaning the Fire Department is without funding and a station since the ESD seemingly owns everything. So there you have it. Trucks with no men? Second, seemingly, you have a bunch of YACKS on the ESD board that think they know what they are doing. They do not. As maybe as good hearted as they are - they know nothing about running a fire department. There job is to insure the tax dollars come in and the money is spent towards the fire department and the protection of the lives of the citizens. NOT managing the place. Micro Management hurts - it does not help.
    Last, whenever you get other peoples money involved - well? It seems that there are two "secretaries" were hired by the board to? Well they are so busy - the Review has monitored one of them on Facebook today for over 5 hours. And this employee? She makes around $34,000 a year doing "billing." But the Review has learned that the actual billing for the department (now time to giggle) is outsourced. In the end - either Ms. Evens - grows up and stops the political power play - or the commissioners court steps in and says enough. Hold your breath citizens - here comes the ESD board who knows how to run a fire department and EMS service! Forget those brave men and women who risk their lives - politics is more important! Don't you know and understand? On a serious note - it makes us sick. Really it does. That board needs new leadership. NOW.

  2. I met Susan Evans after Hurricane Rita, when trying to take care of reuping a CD in the bank she worked at. She dropped the ball and didn't reup the CED at a higher rate offered but let it lapse so it was reuped at a much lower rate. When the bank fianlly opened back up for business I went and tried to talk to her about it and she was irate, yelling and ended up following me out to parking lot screaming at me because I was moving my money out of her bank to another one that was more responsible. I was so embarassed, surprised that a person in her position would act so unprofessional. I ended going to president of the main branch and after sending a certified letter to him, I recieved a call from Susan Evans which she never apologized for her bad behavior but did come to my place of employment with the contract offering me the higher rate that I should have been given in the first place. She came into the Salon and acted like a Prima Donna, and we were her subjects! This is a person that looks down on people and judges people that she feels are beneath her. So Im not surprised to hear this about the ESD board members, if she's on it. She needs to go!