Sunday, August 19, 2012

East Texas Obamacare Forum Making BIG WAVES Nationally - Local Papa John's Forced to Cut Jobs

Last month, Jeff Sadighi and the Southeast Texas Tea Party organized a Health Care Town Hall.

Little did they know that their Obamacare Forum would lead to national attention.

This Texas Healthcare Forum made big waves after a local Papa John's owner, Ms. Judy Nichols, spoke at the forum and told the audience that Obamacare might force her to stop expanding, and even fire employees. This is all thanks to the fact that she will not be able to afford the increased expenses that Obamacare would force upon her business by having over 50 employees.

The youtube video of this statement by Ms. Nichols spread around the internet garnered local media attention, like this KBMT Channel 12 story, and even garnered national media coverage, including Ms. Nichols appearing on Fox News.
When Papa John's CEO John Schnatter announced that they would be forced to raise the price of their pizzas thanks to Obamacare, the national media was again buzzing, and Ms. Nichols kept getting more phone calls. Who better to quote in a national news article about Papa John's Price increases than Ms. Nichols, the southeast Texas Papa John's owner who boldly went to a small healthcare forum explained how Obama was the cause of her business hurting and the cause of her possibly having to fire people.

This is the video of Ms. Nichols at the Southeast Texas Tea Party Halthcare Forum that has created the stir:


  1. The solution for many like her, assuming that when the Republicans gain control of Congress in 2012 and don't have the huevos to repeal Obamacare, is to form multiple independent holding companies, each with less than 50 employees. This isn't very difficult to do, and certainly less expensive than Obamacare.

  2. why does any business have to do anything different because of a out of control, bankrupt totalitarian federal government?

  3. Why doesn't Obama leave small businesses alone. This is something that should be dealt with from us, the people. If you want your voice heard go to and let your voice be heard through surverys and faxes on theses similar subjects. It is free to do and only takes a minute.