Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama Campaign AD Mistake - Bad Spelling/Grammar

I admit, I am not that great when it comes to spelling/grammar. I write a bunch of articles for free and post them up without spell checking sometimes. I make my fair share of mistakes. I DON'T GET PAID TO PROFESSIONALLY EDIT/PROOF READ FOR PRESIDENTIAL ADS THOUGH!

I saw this ad online and I had to snap a copy of it.

The person who designed this ad for the Obama Victory Fund 2012 does not know when to use "along" or "a long"



  1. Funny how when people cant find nothing else to write they look for minute grammatical errors. Theres no problem with disagreeing with policies or platforms but how "christian like" is mudslinging over a spelling error?

    1. Dang, so my English teacher was just slinging mud all those years ago. It's not slinging mud, but pointing out intellectual laziness.

  2. That mistake is pretty bad. Total ignorance.

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