Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick Fil A's PACKED! America Rallies for Free Speech & Traditional Marriage!

Liberal intolerant idiots. They cry out for tolerance but they turn around and are intolerant to Christians. They woke a sleeping giant. Here is a picture from the Chick Fil A in Beaumont, TX. The line is wrapped around OUTSIDE of the building! This is just the BEGINNING of the line! Not to mention the line of over 50 cars in the drive thru! The local media was frustrated because they wanted to interview both sides but they could not find even one person here opposing Chick Fil A!

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  1. I went to Chick-Fil-A yesterday. I also brought 6 of my friends who wanted to go. No one besides myself attends church regularly.

    Many people showed up for one reason and one alone.....right of free speech, freedom of religion, and defiance against being told "think the way we tell you to." by the so-called tolerant crowd.

    This time--it backfire on the homosexual community. Its also going to backfire on the Muppets. I took my kids a few years back to the Muppet 3-D thing in Florida. I spent 1,000.00 on muppets plushies, statuettes, dolls. In a few years, I will have grand kids. I won't be taking them to the muppets 3-D thing at all. If it's even still there. Now that I know the Muppets don't value family or Christians...I won't give them any of my valuable $$$$.

    People have been tolerant. But no one is going to tolerate the threats by politicians to close businesses down if they don't embrace an ideaology they disagree with. They have moved from tolerate to embrace. They have disguised dissenting views as "bigotry" or "homophobia". I am not bigoted against them---but they arent going to tell me how to think. I certainly am not afraid of them. I just don't agree. If they wanna call me names---they are hypocrites.

    The so called "tolerant" are, weirdly enough, quite intolerant. They are moving backwards and becoming intolerable.