Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Texas MUST Elect Ted Cruz US Senate (Video) July 31st, 2012 Runoff Election

Earlier this year, the big race I was involved in was to help get black, super conservative, Republican State Rep James White re-elected after White was attacked by Speaker Joe Straus via redistricting. White ended up beating a Straus Chairman, Mike "Tuffy" Hamilton.

Now my focus has shifted to the US Senate race. This race is very important. It is a runoff election between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz. The Runoff Election Day is July 31st, 2012.

Texas MUST elect Ted Cruz for US Senate July 31st!

Let me first say that I do not hate David Dewhurst or think he is a liberal or a bad guy. I hope that no David Dewhurst supporters take this article the wrong way. There are two men in the race and we have to pick one of them. I have picked Ted Cruz. I do not have anything against any supporters of David Dewhurst. We are on the same side trying to fight Obama and the liberals. We just disagree about who the best person for the job will be. I really do believe with all my heart that Ted Cruz is the better of the two for the US Senate. Not only do I believe that Ted Cruz is better, I believe that Ted Cruz is a person that AMERICA NEEDS.

We Need a Conservative Fighter, Especially after the Supreme Court just upheld Obamacare as an ObamaTAX

America is at a critical crossroads. The federal government is out of control. Too many politicians believe that compromise is the way to solve problems. Well, I believe that compromising our conservative values is what has allowed us to end up in the position we are in now.

We do not need to compromise. We need to draw a line in the sand and say that we WILL cut spending, we WILL stop Obamacare, we WILL stop attacks on Christianity, we WILL defend states rights. We not only need someone who will stand strong, we also need someone who can articulate and defend our conservative values and explain why we believe what we believe. Now that everything goes to the Supreme Court, it is especially important that we elect leaders who can effectively argue for conservative values all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz is that man. Ted Cruz is a man who stands for conservative values and does not compromise. He can, and has fought for conservative values all the way up to the Supreme Court and WON!

I do believe that David Dewhurst has conservative values, but I also believe that David Dewhurst has been in office a long time and has worked himself up to a position as LT Governor where he has had to work with both sides and sometimes compromise in order to get things done. Dewhurst has had to play nice with both sides on many occasions. For instance, when Dewhurst has decided who his committee chairmen will be, he typically has given the positions to both liberal Democrats and Republicans instead of just trying to put all conservatives into the chairmen positions. Also, when Dewhurst found out that the federal government was threatening to shut down air traffic if we passed the TSA anti-groping bill, Dewhurst campaigned against the TSA bill instead of standing up for the bill and telling the feds to bring it on. Well, nothing against Dewhurst or his conservative values because I do believe he is conservative and a good guy, but I do not want to chance sending someone up to Washington who might compromise, back down, or play the political system as the only way to get things done.

I want to send a new, fresh face to Washington who will not go along with the other side. I want someone as our new US Senator who is going to draw the line in the sand and fight for conservative values with no compromise. America NEEDS someone like this! We will not save America from the destructive path it is heading down unless we drastically change the people in office and elect new fresh faces who have nothing to lose, who will rally enthusiastic conservatives behind him, and who will fight for conservative values.

The following youtube video is a speech I recorded of Ted Cruz speaking in Beaumont, TX.
Click this link to watch video if video player does not display at the bottom of this article

Please watch this video and pass this message along!

In this video, Cruz goes over his rock solid record of arguing for conservative values in front of the United States Supreme Court and WINNING important cases involving everything from Gun Rights to States Rights to keeping the Ten Commandments Monument at the Texas State Capitol building!

Ted Cruz has been endorsed by ALL top conservative leaders and conservative groups including Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Senator Rand Paul, Phyllis Schlafly, Glenn Beck, Senator Rick Santorum, David Barton, Sean Hannity, Cathie Adams (Eagle Forum), Congressman Ron Paul, George P. Bush, Peggy Venable (Taxpayer Advocate), Senator Pat Toomey, Former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese, Mark Levin, as well as numerous other Conservatives.

We need a strong, outspoken, articulate leader like Ted Cruz in the United States Senate.

Vote Ted Cruz for US Senate July 31st, 2012 Texas Republican Primary Runoff Election

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