Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Change to Texas GOP State Convention - Proposed Platform to be posted ONLINE night before Platform Vote

This is a great change everyone!

As a delegate to past Texas Republican State Conventions, I was always frustrated that we did not get the proposed Party Platform until the morning that we were going to vote on it. This is because the proposed platform is passed the day before and it takes all night to print it.

This is not good because delegates at the State Convention did not have time to really read the entire proposed platform to see if there were any important changes or additions that they might have an issue with.

One of the first things I did as a State Republican Executive Committeeman for Senate District 3 was to propose a resolution calling for the proposed platform to be posted up online at the Texas GOP website as soon as possible after it is passed out of committee.

This will allow all the delegates to read and soak in the proposed platform on their computer at their hotel the night before the big vote.

The proposed platform will be posted sometime Thursday Evening (June 7th, 2012) on the front page at http://convention.texasgop.org

The vote will be Friday Afternoon (June 8th, 2012)


  1. Thanks for the info. Are you sure about the schedule? I think the permanent committee meeting is Thursday evening and the vote is on Friday.

    1. Hey Ed, thanks for pointing out that I got my days wrong. I fixed the article above to show the correct days that the proposed platform will be presented and voted on