Thursday, June 14, 2012

Texas Lawmaker Wants to Abolish Texas Property Taxes

Now this is what I am talking about... NO PROPERTY TAXES!

We will NEVER own our own land so long as we have property tax. We will always just be renting our land and home from the government. Wil will always be slaves to the government just to get the right to have land.

Propert tax is the worst tax of all. Yes, Texas whould have to compensate somewhere else, but compensating somewhere else is better than keeping us enslaved and never owning property under a property tax.

Read the complete article HERE about this Texas lawmakers push to end property taxes in Texas


  1. Mr. Bellow
    I have followed and fought property tax for over 20 years in Texas. First, the State Constitution says that the state is responsible for school funding not the cities and counties. The state has no property tax but the State Constitution allows cities and counties to collect property tax. In 2010 the Texas Education Agency reported the state collected $20.2 billion, cities and counties collected $22.2 billion, the feds $4.7 billion for schools totaling 47.1 billion dollars they also reported that there are 4.8 million students. The budget per student would be just under $10,000 per student, ask any school if they get that amount and you will get a quick resounding “no”! There was also a study by the Texas Conservative Coalition showing that if the sales tax was increased to 9.25% all schools could be funded properly. The elected officials refuse to give up the power of the purse and allow County Appraisals Districts to abuse taxpayers daily. If you would like to elaborate your story on property tax let me know and I would be willing to help.

    1. Great comments b jordan. Yes, please send me moer info about this and will post it up!