Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Black Jasper, TX Police Chief Rodney Pearson FIRED - Race Card will be Played

Weeks ago I wrote an article about how Police Chief Rodney Pearson knew that he was going to be fired soon so he filed a last minute discrimination complaint to try to bully the Jasper, TX city council into being too scared to fire him even though the city has many very valid reasons to fire him.

Pearson's Bully Tactics DID NOT work!

The City FIRED him yesterday with a vote of 4-1 after a 2 hour long city council discussion over Pearson.

I first heard about Pearson getting fired because another east Texas Conservative blog, Not on the Payroll, quickly posted up that Pearson had been fired.

Here are some of the things discussed in that meeting, according to the Beaumont Enterprise:

Pearson was questioned about different areas including hours he has put in during his tenure as police chief.

Being questioned by Johnson, Pearson said he works from "8:30 to 4:45 every day." But Johnson pointed to figures that showed that Pearson was out a number of days during the months of February through June.
Johnson also questioned the time that Capt. Curtis Frame puts in the office as well.

Lout centered his questions on if certain police procedures were followed during investigations and how come Pearson is not called out to major crime scenes.

"In the past, when we had a major crime, you would always see Chief (Todd) Hunter at the scene," Lout said. "Where are you at these scenes?"

I am sure that the city would like to move pass this and be done with all of the trouble and multiple lawsuits that the city has faced after the city hired an police chief in a backroom deal based on race and not qualifications of the candidates.
Unfortunately there are too many liberals out there and lawyers, like Cade Bernsen, who love to play the race card and will try to sue the city claiming they are racist and only fired Rodney Pearson because he is black. I am sure this saga is far from over....

Here are some of the previous articles that I have written about what has and is happening up there in Jasper:


  1. Jasper, Texas.... Racism at its best. 1850's revisited .. the armpit of American ... The "Good Ole Boys" win another...

    all of this from a 62 year old "WHITE" Man...

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