Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Glenn Hegar Has the Momentum, Endorsed by Tea Parties and Half of State GOP Officials

Glenn Hegar for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts seems to have all the momentum in the race right now. The Texas Comptroller is one of the few, statewide elected officials. It is not a glamorous position, but it is a very powerful and important position.

The race for Texas Comptroller will not end on the March 4th, 2014 Republican Primary Election Day. The Comptroller’s race will likely go to a runoff along with the Texas Attorney General and LT Governor and Railroad Commissioner races.

Glenn Hegar is certainly beginning to stand out among the crowd in his race. He is being embraced by Tea Party groups and grassroots organizations all across the entire State of Texas.

Just a week ago, Hegar was endorsed by the highly respected Texas Patriots PAC. Texas Patriots PAC is one of the top Tea Party organizations in the entire State of Texas. They are based out of the Woodlands, TX.

Also this past week, Hegar was recommended by the Montgomery County TEA Party.

Wrapping up the past week, Hegar also announced that half of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) members endorsed him for Texas Comptroller.

I was on the SREC recently. Just in case anyone was thinking of saying that Hegar was only endorsed by moderates on the SREC, I looked over the list of SREC member endorsements, and I know a few of them personally and know them to be very good conservatives. From Mark Ramsey and Valoree Swanson in SD 7, to Naomi Narvaiz in SD 21, and many others on the list.

The SREC, although not well known, is an important group of individuals. The SREC is the committee that governs and manages the Republican Party for the entire State of Texas. There are 31 Senate Districts in Texas. Every 2 year at the Republican State Convention, each Senate District in Texas elects a man and a woman to serve on the State Republican Executive Committee.

Oh, and did I mention that Grover Norquist, the President of Americans for Tax Reform and an NRA board member, has recently endorsed Glenn Hegar?

Look, I could go on and on about all the conservative support that Glenn Hegar is getting in his campaign for Texas Comptroller, but I think you get the picture.

If support from grassroots conservatives is any indication, Hegar certainly has the momentum in the race right now.

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