Monday, January 27, 2014

Barry Smitherman’s Prosecutor Evaluations Show He Never Backed Down, was One of Best

The Texas Attorney General is the top lawyer in Texas. He defends the state, our laws, our Constitution, and the people. He also prosecutes those who break the laws. With Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott running for Governor, we have a chance to elect a new Texas Attorney General. We need to elect a Texas Attorney General who stands on Conservative values, and who will also be an effective defender and prosecutor.

We already know that Texas Attorney General candidate Barry Smitherman has the conservative values. I have written many articles about what Smitherman believes. He is a strong Christian conservative who always stands for what is right. When his opponents in the Texas Legislature were voting to raise their office budgets, he was voting against his office budget increases. When liberals were rallying for abortion, he was rallying for life. When his opponents were missing hundreds of votes, he never missed one.

So now the only question is, will Barry Smitherman be an effective defender and prosecutor?

The answer is yes!

Smitherman’s Prosecutor Evaluations Show he Never Backed Down and was One of the Best Prosecutors in Harris County

I got a chance to see the evaluation reports that were written about Smitherman by his superiors in Harris County. The evaluations were nothing short of stellar. The reports show that, not only was he a very effective prosecutor, he was also very fair and he never backed down when faced with a tough case. That is the kind of person needed to step in and take over where Greg Abbott has left off.

I could explain more about Smitherman’s performance reviews, but it would be better for you to just see exactly what the reviews said.

Below are some of the exact quotes from Smitherman’s reviews:

"Barry did not shy away from hard to win cases and was not pressured by defense attorneys to see things their way and cave in and either dismiss the case or offer a different punishment unless it was warranted."

“Excellent – extraordinary performance far above the norm.”

“Barry has a strong sense of right and wrong, he never hesitated to try a difficult case….”

“Barry always sought to see justice done….”

“Barry is aggressive and assertive in the courtroom. There is no mistaking that he is a prosecutor, and is out to seek justice for the victim of the crime, or for the state of Texas.”

Smitherman Handled MANY cases in his time at the Harris County DA’s office

Some of the opponents of Smitherman try to distract people from Smitherman’s stellar record as a prosecutor by saying that Smitherman was not a prosecutor for more than 2 years and he only took a couple dozen cases to trial. That is like saying that McCain is a better senator than Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz has not been in the Senate very long. I don’t care if Smitherman worked there for 1 year or 20 years. I care about how he did when he worked there. Ted Cruz is better than McCain based on their performance, not based on the number of years they performed. Smitherman’s reports clearly show that he was one of the best and never backed down. He proved himself to be top notch and it did not take him long before he moved up to bigger and better things.

Also, the idea that Smitherman did not work many cases is incorrect. Smitherman’s case record doesn't count cases that pled out during trial before going to the jury, cases where he sat "second chair" with some other prosecutor as "lead" or where he was still a number "3" and didn't do the case alone or get credit for it. The record also doesn't include the summer spent working with JPs to whittle down their dockets where some cases were tried and lot dismissed or plead out. 

Smitherman was a fighter for Women

While a prosecutor, Smitherman focused on family violence and assault and often stood up for women, who for fear of repercussion, couldn't or wouldn't stand up for themselves. A big function of the Texas Attorney General’s office is standing up for victims who cannot stand up for themselves. In this day and age when the media plays up an idea that that there is a war on women, Smitherman has a clear record of standing up for women who were victims of violence.

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