Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cracker Barrel Apologizes and Puts Phil Robertson Back on the Shelves

After thousands and thousands of complaints, Cracker Barrel Puts Phil Robertson merchandise back on the shelves! The restaurant apologized and said they were very wrong to pull Phil Robertson merchandise from the shelves. Cracker Barrel said they pulled the merchandise because they did not want to offend anyone but then they said they offended many more people by pulling the merchandise. Christians can have a huge impact if we join together and speak out. Cracker Barrel and A&E have the right to remove Phil, but we as Christians have a right to boycott their business and eat at another place that does not feel offended by the Bible. The boycott and complaints worked and we easily drowned out the complaints from the liberals. Cracker Barrel apologized and put Phil stuff back up for sale. Great job everyone! Thank you Cracker Barrel for realizing you were wrong and changing course. Now A&E has even removed Phil's suspension from the show

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