Thursday, April 26, 2012

TX Congressman Canseco Slaps TSA Agent's Hand that Groped Crotch, Agent Cries Assault

A TSA agent grabbed the genitals of Texas Republican Congressman Canseco at a San Antonio Airport. The Congressman reacted instinctively to protect his private parts and the Congressman pushed down the hand of the TSA agent. Now the TSA agent is crying and saying the Congressman assaulted him. Are you serious? Is this even America? No charges were filed but the TSA agent should be the one getting charged for assault. Touching someone's genitals does NOTHING to keep airlines secure. There is a limit to what should be given up in order to be safe and these pat downs go too far.

These searches and even the porno body scanners do not protect us anymore than regular metal detectors. These measures only help keep nuisance items off of airlines and it comes at much to high a price. These scanners have had guns go through them undetected for crying out loud. Random pat searches are not even effective. Why did the TSA grab the crotch of this war veteran with shrapnel in his leg? This man fought for your rights and you want to touch his junk in return? And what is the purpose of tormenting this little 4 year old girl and touching her private parts? None of this will stop a terrorist. If someone wants to blow up a plane they are going to do it no matter how many genitals the TSA agents grab. The terrorist will just find a way around it. The terrorist will likely start using TSA agents as part of their plans. Just this week, TSA agents in Los Angeles were charged with engaging in drug trafficking by allowing drugs to pass through the security checkpoints. Every week it seems like a different TSA agent is getting charged with something. You don't think a terrorist will eventually find a TSA agent who will go along with the sinister plot for the right price? It is only a matter of time.

We need a House and Senate with the backbone to end these pointless attacks on our dignity. Texas tried to stand up against this once. State Representative David Simpson introduced a bill to make touching someone's crotch a crime. That bill was killed in a special session after our Democrat Supporting Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus killed the bill and said it was a publicity stunt (to be accurate, it did pass the house bt not senate at the end of the regular session 2011 but then everyone got scared of the DOJ and it was killed in the house in the Special Session after Straus said he would not let it get to te floor cause it was just a stunt). Not everyone can afford riding in a private Jet like you Joe Straus. It is time to stop being scared and time to stop playing politics. We need representatives who will be bold and stand against this unconstitutional intrusion.

Pretty soon America will start to have Hunger Games. The government will protect and feed us as long as every year each state offers up a tribute to battle to the death....


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