Saturday, March 17, 2012

Houston, TX Petition to end Sanctuary City Policy and Use E-Verify - 20,000 Signatures Needed

A couple of weeks ago I received an email about a petition drive in Houston, Texas. The petitions are aimed at ending the Sanctuary City policy in Houston and also require E-Verify to be used in Houston.

There petitions require 20,000 signatures each by about late summer 2012 in order to get on the ballot. If they make it onto the ballot and the people of Houston vote in favor of them, they will become a part of Houston's City Ordinances and Regulations, regardless of whether or not the City Council approves of them or not.

Houston has especially been hit hard by illegal immigrant crimes with recent murders of Houston Police Officers by illegals. These illegals who killed police officers would likely have been deported before they could kill if Houston Police Officers were allowed to check the citizenship status of people who they arrest. I have to show my ID when I get pulled over, I do not see why it would be discriminatory to check the citizen status of people who get arrested or pulled over for an infraction not related to their race or ethnicity.

Below is the information I received about this Petition Drive:

Stop the Magnet is a petition drive effort seeking 20,000 City of Houston registered voters to help deter the detrimental effects of illegal immigration in our community.
The “magnets” of jobs and operating under the radar in our city encourages criminal behavior and the ability to set down roots in our community.
We are offering two ballot proposals to help keep American citizens in the workforce and a proactive policy for our Houston Police officers to check the identities more fully where no valid identification is presented in a probable cause encounter.
We believe it is an outrage that our heroic fighting forces are called out to fight for freedom around the world while at home in the United States our borders remain wide open and the costs are borne by hard-working
 American families. How can one justify all the blood spilled for our nation in the name of freedom and justice that is now abandoned to economic interests over security and the rights of citizens? Let us not allow our country to be given away by inaction leaving the next generation to wake up with no country to call their own!
This is a call to action. We need to garner 20,000 registered City of Houston voters to sign our two proposals and allow the voice of the people to speak on this issue.
Please assist us by considering signing up for our 30 & 3 volunteer program. Locating 30 City of Houston signers and donating 3 hours at the polls during Election Day or Early Vote during the primaries. Should 200 patriots in the Houston area step up to the plate we can obtain ¼ of the needed signatures and obtain many more during the elections, combined with other signature-gathering efforts at City events and mail-outs. Please help us by volunteering for the 30 & 3 hour program. Contact Download petitions at:
Please help save our country by acting today.
go to to read the petitions, for info on how you can sign the petition, and for more info on how you can help get signatures to get these issues on the ballot.


  1. yea having open relationship between the hispanic community and law enforcement that these sanctuary cities bring helps all hispanic legal and illegal. so that their communities can have a sense of law and order like a illegal getting raped and then being scared to call the cops for fear of being deported as a result of being raped.......... part 2 on everify do you want the government to add a whole new level of beauracracy in already bloated government and increase the power of the government for the possibility of decreased levels of illegals?? NO MORE stop this idea that the gov fixes problems if your willing to hand over more rights to the state go ahead and shackle your bonds of your unrealized slavery... remember the ghettos were originally built to protect the jews than before it was to late they were fenced in DONT MAKE THESE MISTAKES AGAIN

    1. growing connections between cartels and gangs.In Houston, there are some 200 gangs roaming.Take a look at the link and then PICK YOUR POISON.

  2. Well I have not signed the petitions because I do not live in Houston, but I would think that these proposed regulations have an exemption to checking legal status when someone is reporting a crime. Most people for sanctuary city bans are only primarily worried about catching the bad guys and so legal status would only be checked for someone who is arrested or pulled over for some kind of infraction. Over 300,000 criminals come into America each year. I don't care about good people coming over legally and making a better life for themselves. I care about keeping criminals out.

  3. but those sanctuary cities have been proven to get more cooperation with with latino community illegal immigration is a problem yes but as long as were the greatest country on the earth people with find a way to illegally immigrate here.... find a petition to restructure the legal immigration and guest worker programs to work more efficiently would be the best option to bring a community in to the fold and have them making minimum wage and paying taxes to curb the need for illegal immigration.... the latino community are devoutly religious and lean to the right and would be a great voting block for the republicans we just have to use the free market principle of efficiency of entry and allow the people we educate and train to stay in america instead of bettering their country

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