Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gay Texas Planned Parenthood CEO Arrested & Charged with Indecent Exposure in Lubbock, TX

 “Tony Thorton Planned Parenthood Association of Lubbock CEO, has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure. Thornton was arrested at the baseball field on Municipal Drive in Lubbock, said Sgt. Jonathan Stewart with the Lubbock Police Department. Thornton was released from Lubbock County Jail Tuesday morning just after 11 a.m., online records show.”

Tony Thorton is an open homosexual so it will be interesting to find out what the circumstances are surrounding him exposing himself….

Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas is currently facing a lawsuit that exposes millions of dollars that Planned Parenthood has defrauded the taxpayers of. President Obama is also threatening to terminate funding for women's health services in Texas in response to Texas refusing to fund Abortion Providers as part of this health program.

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  1. If obama doesn't like it , then it must be good.