Sunday, March 25, 2012

Black Jasper, TX City Council Pays White Police Officers in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement

I previously wrote an article about how the City Council of Jasper, TX (the majority of the council members are black) turned down several white candidates in order to hire a lesser qualified black candidate (with a criminal record) for Police Chief, Rodney Pearson. Several lawsuits were filed alleging racial discrimination. Jasper TX City Council Hires Black Police Chief based on Race, not Qualifications - White Officers Get Demoted - new Chief has Criminal Record - Several Lawsuits Filed

Of course there were those who cried racism and said that the black city council members were being attacked because of their race when in fact they were being attacked for hiring an unqualified police chief with a criminal record.

Just this week there was a major update. The city seems to think that they might not win in court as the City of Jasper settled two of these lawsuits and dished out $60,000.

There are still several lawsuits pending and this small town in East Texas is going to have to dish out much more money before this is over. All of this is caused to the council not hiring the qualified candidate and instead basing the hire on race.

It is not know how much the insurance will pay out before it hits a cap, and it is not known how much the city's premium will go up.

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  1. Guillory is an idiot! AND has now cost Jasper taxpayers a truck load of money!