Monday, September 19, 2011

Texas Union Says Companies are Purposely Keeping Unemployment Low – Also, Union Violence & Spending Stats

by, David Bellow

Gary Fuselier, staff representative for United Steelworkers 13-423 in Southeast Texas said, “It is in a Company’s best interest to keep employment down until after the November 2012 election.”

Union Boss Says Businesses Are Intentionally not Hiring so that Obama will Lose Re-Election

Given the cozy relationship that Unions have with Obama and the Democrats, It is no surprise that unions are currently protecting their Democrat buddies from backlash over the bad economy. Unions are viciously and openly attacking Republicans, Tea Party members and Businesses.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was reading the Beaumont Enterprise and I was shocked at a statement that was made by a local Union Leader.

Gary Fuselier, staff representative for United Steelworkers 13-423 in Southeast Texas said, “It is in a Company’s best interest to keep employment down until after the November 2012 election.” Wow, so this union leader says that businesses are intentionally not hiring to get back at Obama? That is just silly. Businesses are always trying to grow and expand their business. If a business is not growing their business it is most likely because they cannot do it or they are afraid to do it.

Unions are actually the reason why many businesses cannot afford to expand and hire new employees. For example, Boeing recently built a new factory in South Carolina that employs over 1000 people. Unions want this factory shut down and the employees fired simply because Boeing built the factory in a state without Unions instead of a state with Unions. This is ridiculous. Unions are blaming companies for not hiring when it is really the unions that are keeping unemployment high. Businesses are afraid to expand or they cannot afford to because of all the union strings attached. This Union’s actions are so outrageous that a Republican US House of Representatives has recently stepped in and passed a bill that protects Boeing from this Union’s attacks. The bill will never get signed by Obama, but it sheds national light on the outrageous and job destroying actions of Unions.

Unions and History of Violence: Also, Union President Declares War Against Conservatives

Since 1975, the National Institute for Labor Relations Research has collected more than 9,000 reports of union violence.

I knew that Unions used violence to try to force their views, but I had no idea that Unions have committed so many acts of violence!

Recently, the Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa made national news headlines when he declared war against conservatives by saying, “"President Obama, this is your army, we are ready to march. But everybody here's got to vote. If we go back, and keep the eye on the prize, let's take these son-of-a-bitches out."

It is not surprising to know that Teamsters has committed the most violent acts of all Unions.

Unions Take Your Money and Spend it on Obama, even though you don’t like Obama! Dems got over $600 million from Unions since 1990.

Besides Hoffa’s statement being obviously violent in nature by comparing the union members to be an army for Obama, this statement by the Teamsters President also reveals a major problem with Unions today. Being a part of a Union today means your money and resources are put into the hands of the select few who lead the Unions. If you are in a Union and do not like President Obama, too bad! Your money and even your very self are now counted as part of an army to support Obama. Jimmy Hoffa has pledged to Obama your money and your vote. Unions no longer work for the people. Union members are pawns of a select few who have a political agenda which you have no say in.

Wisconsin Unions almost Destroyed Wisconsin’s economy – Wisconsin fought back!

Unions now-a-days seem to do more damage than good. The Wisconsin economy was in a stranglehold. They were facing a 3 billion dollar shortfall. They could not fire bad teachers or reward the good ones and were forced into unreasonable expenses. For example, a Wisconsin teacher was fired for looking at porn in school and having pictures of students in bikinis. The Union fought the decision to fire the teacher. It was a 3 year court battle that cost the school district nearly $300,000. The Republican Wisconsin Legislature decided it was time to end this nonsense and took the bold step forward to remove them from the Union stranglehold. The Wisconsin Union teachers set horrible examples and wrote false sick notes to skip school so they could protest, but still the Wisconsin legislature was successful in limiting Union power over the government. Now the Wisconsin Legislature is looking at a surplus of 300 Million dollars and the school districts have greater control over managing their teacher. This includes greater flexibility to give raises to good teacher and discipline bad teachers.

Unions Lost their Purpose, Now trying to Re-Invent Themselves

I am a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and there is a Union at my place of employment. I am not a member. Unions once had a good purpose but times have changed. There is no slave/child labor anymore and there are safety codes that must be followed. The Unions have lost their purpose so they have had to reinvent their purpose in order to keep their members paying dues.

The new purpose of Unions (in order to keep membership up) is two-fold; to offer nice benefits (like discounts, legal representation,  and social events), and to scare employees into thinking that the boss is out to get them and they have to be a part of the union or they will surely be fired.

In fact, at my previous place of employment (no I was not fired by a bad boss, I just went to greener pastures) I was shocked when the local Union president tried to get us to sign up by bragging about getting bad officers back on the job after they had been caught running a crime ring on the job. I stood up and asked why in the world would I want to support an organization that puts my life on the line by keeping bad officers employed? Even just recently, a Texas Union fought to try to get an officer back behind a badge in Orange, TX. This officer, Captain Robert Arnold, shot and killed an unarmed war veteran, James Whitehead, over a racial slur.

Still, even with the attempts to re-invent themselves, many people are leaving Unions. They are waking up to the realization that Unions just don’t do anything for them anymore, especially for the high priced dues they pay. This has caused Unions to have to become stronger in their rhetoric and more publically lash out to stir up fears of employees.

Unions Have Aligned Themselves with Democrats to Survive

Unions are on the decline and so they have had to recruit political support in order to get laws passed to secure the future of unions. Since Unions really do not care much about the employer, the Democrat Party was the obvious political party to align themselves with. The Unions support the Democrats and the Democrats turn around and pass, or attempt to pass, laws favorable to the Unions. Unions rake in money from union members to spend on Democrat Candidates who make lavish promises of law changes, free handouts, and promises to crack down on “greedy employers.”

This has resulted in many favors and perks that Democrats have given to Unions. Much of the Obama stimulus money (American Tax Dollars) was directed to union related projects and many unions even got a waiver from having to be a part of Obama’s health care mandate.

The Members in a Union are not the Enemy, in Fact, Many of them are Great People

Most of the Union members that I work with are great people and great co-workers.  They have only joined the Union because everyone else is a member or they think that they have to be a member because they could get fired if they do not join forces with the Union. Some of them just want to help out their fellow co-workers and they are misguided into believing that being part of a Union and paying dues is the best way that they can help their fellow employees. The truth is that you do not have to pay dues to an organization to be able to help others. I even have a good conservative friend who dislikes Unions but is a member of one because that is the only way that he could get hired at the company he now works for. I also know some Union members who are near retirement and they are Union members because they just always have been, similar to many old conservative Democrats who will not switch to Republican even though their Party has left them.

So even though I wrote this article bashing Unions, I am not necessarily bashing the members. I know many union members who are great people. They just, for some reason or another, have fallen into the union trap. They are pawns of a political game and they do not even realize it, or maybe they do realize it but they really do not have a choice but to be a part of the union.

Also, this article is not an indictment against the many Associations that are out there. There are many Associations out there that do not go after employers and instead they do things like set up funds for fallen or injured law enforcement, have social events, and help people come together to enjoy discounted benefits. There is nothing wrong with those kinds of organizations.

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