Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Texas Soldier Dies in Afghanistan – Deaths Rise under Obama but No Media Outrage (Death Chart)

I just found out that a fellow soldier, and fellow resident of Lumberton, TX, David Drake, has been killed in Afghanistan. My prayers are with his family and his great sacrifice will be remembered.

Deaths and Injuries in Afghanistan are Rising Drastically under Obama – Where is the Media Outrage?
What really gets me upset is that when Bush was in office there were daily news updates and media outrage over deaths and injuries of soldiers. Well now, there are HUNDREDS more soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan per year under Obama than under Bush. Does the media not care about the deaths of soldiers anymore? Where is the outrage? Where are the daily updates from the media?
The Media bias is sickening. They bashed Bush for the war deaths under his Administration and now they do not seem to care that the deaths have risen drastically under Obama’s Administration.
The following chart from paints a saddening picture of the rise in deaths under Obama:

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  1. there are just as many death just the dam media is every where and you cant stop the its sad that the family's have to learn the death of child by the media.