Friday, September 9, 2011

NAACP President in Jasper, TX Arrested in Connection with Criminal Son Busted with Drugs in School Zone

Reverend Billy Ray Robinson, the President of the Jasper Area Chapter of the NAACP, was arrested today in connection with the drug arrest of his son Billy Robinson Jr., who was caught with drugs and a large amount of cash in a school zone. The Jasper Sheriff’s Department had been looking for Billy Ray Robinson since his son’s arrest. Earlier this year, Brandon Darby revealed that Billy Ray Robinson pulled the race card and unethically used the NAACP to try to protect his great nephew who had been charged with raping an underage cheerleader in Silsbee, TX. This relative, Rakheem Bolton, eventually pleaded guilty to assault. Additionally, I did some investigating and uncovered that Billy Ray Robinson’s businesses have had their existences forfeited because Robinson has apparently not paid the taxes for those businesses to the State of Texas. Even with their businesses having forfeited existences, Billy Ray Robinson has continued to operate those businesses. One of these forfeited businesses is a Bail Bond Company. How Ironic.

Jasper, TX is also in the news right now because 3 black City Council Members are being sued for discriminating and they also face a recall election for allegedly hiring Rodney Pearson as the Jasper Police Chief just because he is black. It is alleged that Rodney Pearson was hired in a backroom deal with the Black City Council Members based on the color of his skin because black community leaders desired to have a black man as Police Chief. Pearson is less qualified than the other white applicants for police Chief and Pearson even has a criminal record.

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