Friday, September 23, 2011

Attack on 1st Amendment and Religion – Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality

by, David Bellow

I recently wrote an article about the war that is raging against religion in America. From crosses being banned at historical memorials to the government banning prayers at funeral services of fallen soldiers, there is literally an all out war against religion. It is unconstitutional and goes against everything that America was founded on. Even the founding fathers openly practiced and encouraged religion expression in America.

200 years after the founding fathers practiced religion it is a completely different story. The freedom to practice religion in America is being scaled back to the point that there is an all-out attack on even personal religious beliefs.

This Student, Dakota Ary, is an honor student at Western Hills High School. His 9th Grade German teacher was talking about homosexuality for some reason in the German class. That is when Dakota Ary mentioned to his friend sitting next to him that he is a Christian and believes that homosexuality is wrong. The teacher overheard this and got very angry and started yelling.

First of all, why is this German teacher talking about homosexuality in class? This teacher has a history of talking about homosexuality to students and even posted a picture of two guys kissing on the wall in the class room. This teacher is the one who should be sent home, not the student!

This student has every constitutional right to have a personal and religious belief against homosexuality. He even has the right to express his belief to a classmate, especially during a class discussion about homosexuality. This student was not picking on anyone and was not saying anything in a hateful manner. The kid even has homosexual friends. Dakota Ary just believes that homosexuality is wrong and he has the right to express that belief just as a homosexual has the right to be homosexual if the/she wants.

It is all just silly and it is a part of a greater issue that is the war against Conservative, Christian beliefs. Schools are part of the battleground because liberals know that they can have a big impact on the thoughts and beliefs of their students.

Even President Obama has appointed a Homosexual Activist to a top post in the Department of Education. Kevin Jennings will oversee “safety” in schools. Maybe Jennings should try teaching students that homosexual sex is not safe considering that Homosexuals make up the majority of new Aids/HIV cases in America each year!

No wonder why homeschooling and voucher programs/charter school have become so popular in America.


  1. Pretty sad the student could not voice his opinion...especially since he was not being violent or hateful.

    1. Most of this is a complete fabrication.
      The student was being violent and hateful. Christian student homophobe Ary and a group of his friends had been harassing the teacher for some time.
      They had be tearing up the teachers stuff in the class room,disrupting class by yelling out faggot in class.
      Ary and his friends decided they didn't like the teacher and were out to make his job impossible. Mother got a attorney and the school caved in and didn't support the teacher. Which is common place these days. It wasn't until the teacher brought his attorney in that a real investigation showed the teacher was not at fault. The Christian student was not being christian.For the whole story go here

      again more twisted facts and dumb people believe it.

    2. If this is true the students is at fault, his parent and him should be held liable. This is why I value camera in the classrooms to protect teacher and student.

  2. That teacher put up a picture of two guys kissing for crying out loud. The teacher was clearly trying to push a homosexual agenda upon the students, which had nothing to do with his class anyways. The student was right for standing up against him and voicing his opinion that homosexuality is wrong.