Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 Reasons Why American Jobs Act is WRONG. Obama Hurts US Business and Obama Speech Uses Fuzzy Math

by, David Bellow

During Obama's Jobs Speech tonight, Obama outlined his American Jobs Act. There were many things he said that were just silly and the math does not add up.

1) American Jobs Act is NOT paid for and will use Debt Spending - Fuzzy Math

Obama said that the American Jobs Act will be fully paid for without creating any debt because Obama will cut money from other Government Programs and use that money to pay for the Jobs Act. Hey Obama, do the math. All you are doing is shifting money. Taking debt spending from one government program and using that money to pay for this Jobs Act does not mean it is fully paid for and it is still debt spending!

Of course, I suppose the American Jobs Act might be fully paid for if Obama raises taxes like he said in his speech that we should do. It was funny, Obama said that Warren Buffet complained that he was not paying enough taxes. Hey Obama, did you tell Buffet where he could send a several billion dollar check to since he wants to help so much? Yeah, I didn't think so. 

2) More Money Does Not Equal Better Education

Obama said that all children deserve new, fancy facilities to learn in because how do we expect kids to learn in old buildings? Hey Obama, More Money does not equal Better Education! I had classes in a mobile building in middle school. I had no problems learning in that mobile building! That is like saying football players will be more talented in football if their stadium is made out of gold instead of concrete. More money does not equal better education. If you focus the money we have on hiring good teachers and promoting more better Family Values (like a stable family with a mom and a dad who teach moral values and working to get ahead in life) then students will learn better than if they are in an expensive building!

3) Obama Wants Jobs in America but he is Punishing Companies that use American Labor like Gibson Guitars!

Obama kept pushing the idea of creating jobs in America instead of other foreign countries. Obama even made the statement that he wants to see more products that say Made in America on them. But wait, didn't Obama just raid Gibson Guitars recently because they were using American Labor to process wood for their famous guitars? WHAT!? How can Obama say he wants things "Made in America" and yet he is punishing an American company for using American Labor. It gets worse. Obama raided Gibson Guitars because India (a different country) wants to process the wood instead of American's being able to process the wood. So Gibson has not broken any laws in America but Obama is going to enforce India's rules in America?

How about enforcing the laws in America first! Obama has openly said he will not do his sworn duties and defend the laws of America, like the Defense of Marriage Act. It is also no surprise that the Head of Gibson Guitars is a HUGE Republican donor. Martin Guitars uses the SAME WOOD and they were not raised, but of course the head of Martin Guitars is a HUGE Democrat donor. Gibson even says that the Obama Administration said they would stop messing with Gibson Guitars if they just use foreign labor.

Hey Obama, how about promoting "Made in America" by allowing Gibson to make their guitars in America and while you are at it, you can stop restricting other businesses in America. West Texas might not be able to drill for oil and create thousands of jobs and help the economy because Obama says there is a lizard that "might" be hurt if there is drilling. Please. I have been to Alaska and the there are more Caribou WITH the pipeline than there were WITHOUT the pipeline

Plus, during the speech, the man sitting by Obama's wife was Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE. He is the head of Barack Obama's highly touted "Jobs Council" and he is moving General Electric (GE) jobs and infrastructure to China! 

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