Monday, December 10, 2012

TX Democrat Christmas Party at Planned Parenthood: Holiday Cheer and Dead Babies?

The Texas Democratic Women's Club in Houston will once again be having their "Holiday Party" (not Christmas) at Planned Parenthood. Nothing says holiday cheer like having your party at an abortion mill where they slaughter innocent unborn babies. This group of people are SICK! I hope people from Houston attend the Prayer Vigil (Houston Coalition for life) that will be outside the gates of this Planned Parenthood the night of the party.

from Big Jolly Politics:

Question: What on earth would possess someone to host a “party”, especially at Christmas time, at a place that rips little human beings apart?

Answer: Nothing on earth but surely something possesses them.

In case you missed it, this is a repeat event, so one must presume that it was a smashing success last year.
The Houston Coalition for Life is holding a candlelight prayer vigil will be held outside the gates of this hellish place, so that the “party goers” will have one last reminder of what they are celebrating. Please join them and bring a toy for the children of mothers assisted by local crisis pregnancy centers.

read the rest of the Big Jolly article here:

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