Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown massacre was 18th mass murder event in 2012: What’s going wrong, and is there hope?

Newtown massacre was 18th mass murder event in 2012: What’s going wrong, and is there hope?

from Joel C Rosenberg's blog:

I'm grateful to Fox News Channel anchor Shannon Bream for having me on the air this afternoon to talk about the moral and spiritual dimensions of the Newtown massacre. These are not topics that have been discussed much in the media despite wall-to-wall coverage of the tragedy since Friday. We didn't have time for a full, in-depth conversation, but we got it started. Here are some of the points I made in the interview, as well as some points I would have made had we had more time:
The slaughter of 20 children and numerous teachers and other adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary was horrifying beyond belief -- yet what makes it worse is that it isn't an isolated incident.
Why is all this happening? In large part because we are engaged in moral and spiritual disarmament.
  • Some Americans are actively driving the God of the Bible out of their lives, out of their families.
  • Some Americans are actively trying to drive the God of the Bible out of our schools, our courts, our media, and out of America all together......


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