Monday, December 24, 2012

Peter Morrison: Support Rep. Simpson for Speaker of the Texas House

Summary of this week's report:

Rep. David Simpson is running for Speaker of the Texas House, in a
direct challenge to Joe Straus. Rep. Simpson is a strong, reliable
conservative. If he becomes Speaker of the House, we'll have
one of our own in the most powerful office in Texas who will work
to promote our conservative ideals. If Joe Straus is re-elected,
we'll face two more years of RINO style business as usual and
we simply can't afford that. Conservative Texans need to
contact our state representatives today to express our strong
support for David Simpson, and urge them to vote for him in
January. Find out your representative's contact information by
going to:

Full report:

The next session of the Texas Legislature begins on January 8th,
just a few weeks from now. One of the first orders of business
will be electing a Speaker of the House. Because of the authority
the Speaker has to promote or block legislation, this office is in
many ways the most powerful position in Texas government. The
current Speaker, RINO Joe Straus, has been in office for two
sessions, and he hasn't been a friend to conservatives.

On the contrary, he has worked hard to block a lot of the
conservative agenda. Straus was elected Speaker in 2009 by a
coalition of Democrats and RINOs, and he paid them back immediately
by appointing Democrats as chairmen of nearly half the committees
in the House. (There's a reason he's one of Planned
Parenthood's favorite Republicans.) In emails, some of
Straus' closest cronies have insulted Tea Party activists,
using names such as "idiots" and worse to refer to them.
Straus used his power to draw up redistricting maps that led to the
defeat of some very conservative House members. He has even gone
so far as to openly campaign for a Democrat who was running against
a staunch conservative.

Joe Straus needs to be replaced with someone who's actually on
our side. Thankfully, we've now got an excellent candidate for
Speaker, Rep. David Simpson. Rep. Bryan Hughes had been running,
but he has now dropped out and endorsed Simpson. Rep. Simpson came
up with the bill that would have made it a criminal offense for TSA
agents to perform invasive body searches without probable cause.
(Straus called it a "publicity stunt" and said passing it
would turn Texas into a "laughingstock.") Unfortunately
the bill died in the Senate after Straus ridiculed it and the feds
threatened to ban flights in or out of Texas, but Rep. Simpson
showed that he's not afraid to take a stand for liberty.

He is a true conservative across the board. David Simpson knows
that the Second Amendment isn't about hunting - it's about
being able to defend our families and our property from thugs and
tyrants. He believes life begins at conception, and should be
protected by law from then on. He knows that illegal immigration
makes a mockery of our nation's sovereignty. I can't think
of a single issue where he has come down on the wrong side, from
Obamacare to photo ID. David Simpson is exactly the kind of man we
want to see as Speaker of the House in Austin. He'll fight to
guide conservative bills through the legislative process, instead
of trying to block our legislation at every turn as Joe Straus has

Giving Straus the Speaker's gavel for another House session
would be bad enough under normal circumstances, but it would be
disastrous in the current political situation. Millions of
Republicans across America are still reeling from the shock of Mitt
Romney's loss, and many of them are falling for the advice from
"experts" that if conservatives don't get behind the
push to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, the GOP is
doomed. The truth is exactly the opposite - giving citizenship and
voting rights to millions of illegal aliens would more likely be
the death of the Republican Party, and that's particularly true
here in Texas.

The fact that so many Republican leaders across the nation are
going soft on illegal immigration and amnesty is another important
reason why we need a Speaker who is truly conservative. It looks
like it's going to be up to us Texans to help bring the
national Republican Party back to its senses, and lead the fight
against amnesty. Frankly, if we don't win this battle, the war
might be over. We're not simply talking about which direction
the GOP should take in the next few years. The question is whether
the country our children and grandchildren inherit will be anything
like the America we grew up in. The stakes are truly that high,
and we need a leader in Austin who is on our side, and who's
able and willing to lead this fight. I can't think of anyone
more qualified than David Simpson, and I urge everyone to contact
your representative and tell them to vote for David Simpson for
Speaker of the House.

Take action:

Contact your state representative. Call or fax them to let them
know you don't want another two years of Joe Straus as Speaker.
Stress how important this vote for Speaker is for Texas and
America, and tell them to vote for David Simpson. You can find out
the contact information for your state representative by going to:

The Peter Morrison Report


PO Box 8742, Lumberton, TX 77657, USA


  1. Straus went to the TX US House Republicans and told them he would let them decide the boundaries of their districts. They made it the way that would give them the easiest win. So 3 out of 4 new districts in Texas went to Democrats. Dems netted a gain of 3 total. Rep. a gain of 1.

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