Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New RPT 2012 Temporary/Emergency Rule Changes PASSED today by SREC

The State Republican Executive Committee adopted temporary and emergency RPT rule changes today regarding the Convention/Delegate Selection Process. We had to change the rules because the Primary election has been pushed back.

The Final Version of rule changes that we passed will not be typed up and posted online for another day or so. When it gets posted online you will be able to read the new changes at the RPT website: and I will also post them on this website early next week (I have military training this weekend and will not have computer access)

Basically, the final version of the rules that we passed today was pretty much the same as what was proposed here

Precinct Conventions are optional and each County/Senatorial Executive Committee can vote to have Precinct Conventions with a majority vote.

A change was made to the rules that would make all delegates unbound after the first round vote at the National Convention. In the event of a brokered convention and there is more than one vote, the delegates will be unbound and will be able to vote for any presidential candidate. In other words, the 155 delegates that Texas sends to the Republican National Convention will vote for the Presidential Candidate that they are assigned to vote for proportionally based on the statewide Texas Primary Election results. After the first vote, these 155 delegates will then be released to vote for any candidate they want.

It is VERY important to vote for good conservative delegates at our congressional caucuses at the State Republican Convention because the next President might be decided by these delegates!
The SREC did not adopt a proposed change that would have made the Texas Republican primary winner-take-all. This means Texas will have a weaker voice in the Presidential Race because Texas will not be able to put all of the delegates from Texas behind the candidate who wins Texas in the Primary Election. The reason for voting against this change was primarily due to fear of the DOJ not accepting it. I do not understand why we are caving to the DOJ but I guess I am only one voice.

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