Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Blacks for Obama" Racially Segregates Voters - Affirmative Action in Supreme Court

During Black History Month, Obama released a new video announcing the launch of BLACKS FOR OBAMA. (see video below)

This is an attempt to segregate voters based on RACE instead of voters joining together in groups based on VALUES. Minorities actually tend to be conservative in their beliefs and they are waking up to the realization that Obama is WAY TOO LIBERAL. So what do you do? You take the focus off of the values and you put the focus on race and drive a racial divide through the Heart of America.

Not only is it racist to segregate voters by race, it also shows how hypocritical things are in America.

Whites for Romney? Whites for Clinton? Whites for anyone White who wants to run for office? Of course those groups would never exist in America. That would be racist! But blacks for Obama is not racially dividing at all right? For the record, I would be against any groups (white, black, Hispanic) that are formed together solely on the basis of race instead of formed on the basis of values. I believe people should vote for someone based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I don't care if you are black, white, Hispanic or whatever. I will vote for you if you are a conservative and I will vote against you if you are a liberal. I fully support Ted Cruz for US Senate (Cuban) and one of my most favorite Texas State Representatives, and one of the most conservative Republican State Representatives in Texas, is State Representative James White (Black).

America will never be able to get past the racial divides that we have as long as we keep basing things on race. Can't we look past race and look at each other as all just Americans. They join together based on our values?

I personally like black conservative Congressman Allen West and I really like his Black History Month Speech (see video below) in which he discusses the truth about Democratic racism. He explained that the Republican Party has always been the Party of freedom and has been on the front line for equal rights and individual manifest destiny.

Apostle Claver (black) recently took heat for stating that the Democrat Party is the party of racism and the KKK. He is right! Democrats just use race to get votes. In reality, they are not the party for minorities and the Democrats have done nothing help minorities. They want to keep minorities down so that minorities are dependent on them.
Some Hispanic Groups have sued the State of Texas over Redistricting. They do not care about minorities. They just want to drive a racial divide in Texas. These groups are keeping racism and discrimination alive. It is unconstitutional to draw a district based no race, but that is what these groups want. But they only want to do it if it helps a Democrat. Why don't Hispanics see that Democrats do not share their conservative values? They make promises of helping Hispanic groups but they have done little to nothing to actually help Hispanics. Democrats are all talk and only care about helping Democrats. I do not see these Hispanic groups or Democrats rallying to save the Republican Hispanic elected officials who were hurt in Redistricting. People from all colors and both parties got hurt in redistricting. It happens. It is also completely absurd to believe that only a Latino can represent a Latino just as it would be absurd to say that only a white can represent a white. People should vote based on values, not on race.

Don't even get me talking about Hate Crime legislation either. Let me just put it this way. You have to be screwed up in the head to think that the guy who killed someone while shouting a racial slur should get a harsher punishment than the guy who raped, tortured and killed a 6 year old girl. Oh yeah, the first one was a hate crime and so what he did was worse, blah blah blah. They are BOTH hate crimes! They are both murder and they should both get harsh sentences. I am all for equality. If you are white and kill a black guy in cold blood then you should get the maximum. If you are a black guy and you kill a white guy in cold blood then you should get the maximum. Hate crime laws are ridiculous. And we wonder why America cannot move past racism. We incorporate race in our laws!
US Supreme Court Set to Strike Down Affirmative Action.

Speaking of hypocrisy, discrimination and keeping racial divides alive. How about affirmative action? I believe people should all be judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I believe race should not be a factor in determining who gets admitted to a college or who gets a job. It is discrimination to base these decisions on race. Affirmative Action is unconstitutional. America needs to get past race and we need to come together as Americans. Using race as a factor in everything is simply keeping racism and discrimination alive.
Thankfully, the US Supreme Court is set to strike down all or part of the Affirmative Action policies in America. The US Supreme Court has taken up a case involving a college student at the University of Texas who sued over the university basing admission on race instead of on educational standards. It is believed that the court will use this case as a way to end this institutionalized discriminatory policy known as Affirmative Action.

Click Here to read Full Transcript of Congressman Allen West's Speech

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