Friday, May 9, 2014

Hypocrisy: Dewhurst Filed for Bankruptcy then Attacks Dan Patrick for Past Bankruptcy

Politics is, well, it is politics. If you can find something possibly negative about your opponent then you use it against him or her. I have no issue with that because it is important for voters to see where you rise above the other candidates in a race.

What I have an issue with is hypocrisy. I do NOT like it when a candidate does something wrong, but then bashes his opponents for doing the exact same thing. For example, if I voted to raise taxes it would be very hypocritical of me to bash someone for also voting to raise taxes while hiding the fact that I voted to raise taxes. That would be deceptive and flat out unethical. Now if I have never voted to raise taxes and my opponent did, then you better believe the people should know the truth that I do not raise taxes but my opponent did.

The 2014 Texas Republican Primary Runoff Election (May 27th Election Day) includes a very heated race for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. The race has come down to Dan Patrick vs. David Dewhurst.
Dan Patrick is the clear conservative choice in this race. Patrick is endorsed by most conservative/tea party groups, and he also easily received the most amount of votes in the primary election. David Dewhurst knows he is losing the race so he has tried to attack Patrick. The problem is that David Dewhurst is attacking Dan Patrick for doing something that Dewhurst also has done! That is just hypocritical.

David Dewhurst attacks Dan Patrick over 28 year old Bankruptcy and back taxes even though Dewhurst had an even Bigger Bankruptcy than Patrick and Dewhurst also owed back taxes.

Fact: David Dewhurst and his companies have been involved in a bankruptcy case, a debt suit, tax liens and back taxes owed to the state. Dewhurst owed millions of dollars to creditors and the state through debts and unpaid taxes. If Dewhurst were to attack any other candidate for bankruptcy or tax issues, he must answer questions about his own bankruptcy, debt lawsuit and back taxes owed.

Fact: David Dewhurst’s business bankruptcy in 1982 listed debts of more than $7 Million, compared to Dan Patrick’s 1986 bankruptcy listing $816,000 in debts.

Fact: David Dewhurst and two of his companies were sued in 1983 by a Houston bank to recover an unpaid debt; Dewhurst was ordered to pay $832,805.

Fact: Dewhurst is a multimillionaire and he has yet to pay the people who worked for his failed 2012 US Senate campaign. David Dewhurst currently owes more than $1 million to vendors for services provided to his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign.

Fact: Dewhurst owed $1,542 in back taxes and fines to the Comptroller for unpaid franchise taxes relating to his company Trans-Gulf Supply. The company did not file a franchise tax return in 1984 and did not pay the state-required minimum tax. The company was subject to tax forfeiture in 1990. In 2000, the Comptroller’s Office informed Dewhurst that he owed use taxes on art and furniture he purchased in foreign countries.

Dan Patrick is the clearly the more solid, most outspoken conservative in this race.

This race is very similar to when conservative fighter Ted Cruz ran against David Dewhurst for US Senate. Sure, David Dewhurst is not a bad guy and not a liberal, but David Dewhurst just does not always put his foot in the ground and consistently stand for conservative values. Dewhurst is especially being hypocritical for attacking Patrick over things that Dewhurst is just as guilty of doing. Dewhurst likes to be a little friendlier to Democrats than what is needed. I understand wanting Democrats to be at the table and have a voice, but Dewhurst would go above and beyond and appoint Liberal Democrats and even liberal Republicans to key leadership positions in the Texas Senate. Even the big Wendy Davis “filibuster” to try to stop the new Texas Pro Life laws should have ended much sooner had it not been for Dewhurst not stopping it sooner. Dewhurst is no liberal, but Texas needs a conservative fighter who will go above and beyond. That is why I supported Ted Cruz over Dewhurst and that is also why I support Dan Patrick over Dewhurst in this Texas Lieutenant Governor Republican Primary Election May 27th, 2014.


  1. Dewhurst has NEVER filed personal bankruptcy. surely you know the difference between personal and corporate. Dan Patrick admitted on national tv that although he is a millionaire now, he never paid back his creditors that he ruined when he filed personal bankruptcy. Patrick is out for Patrick, no one else. Get your facts straight.

  2. Hey there David,

    Lets do this point by point:

    Dewhurst was a share holder in a COMPANY that declared bankruptcy.

    Dan Patrick declared PERSONAL bankruptcy. Patrick was unable to pay for his debts and ended up having to declare a personal bankruptcy.

    To explain this further Dewhurst's company went bankrupt and the assets did not cover all of the costs ... So being a Man of Principle he paid the difference to the creditors. HE PAID DEBT THAT HE HAD NOT ONLY NO LEGAL BUT NO ETHICAL OBLIGATION TO PAY.

    Now that we have framed this argument lets look to the notion that he refused to pay those on his senate campaign against Ted Cruz; there is currently a pending court case and the debt is related to a member of the senatorial staff STEALING money from Dewhurst.

    Now to a less popular point David.

    Do I agree with Wendy Davis on her Pro-Choice stance? Hell no!

    Should she be allowed to filibuster within the rules of the Texas State Senate ? WITHOUT A QUESTION YES. That is democracy.

    Was there ever a shadow of a doubt that our Governor Rick Perry would continue to call extra sessions until the Pro-Life bill was passed? Never. The point of allowing her filibuster is what this nation was founded on. Democratic Process.

    You don't have to agree with her but you do have to let her speak so long as she follows Texas State Senate rules. She stopped being Germane and the Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst stopped her from speaking.

    So to recap; Men of Character continue showing their Character by following not only the law but honoring their obligations of their office, their morals and God.

  3. Why is what either man did personally 30 years ago relevant? It just seems like a bunch of mud to try to tarnish these men who are both of good character. But I must say, the attacks on Dan Patrick do remind one of the same thing that Dewhurst campaign did to Ted Cruz. These are desperate diversion attacks.

    "Should she be allowed to filibuster within the rules of the Texas State Senate ? WITHOUT A QUESTION YES. That is democracy. "
    Dewhurst and also House leadership were lax in letting it go to the last day, and Dewhurst was lax in keeping order and could have stopped it sooner. Consider that the session was 30 days and they missed closing the vote by 10 mins. But that's just one example - why didnt they get it done in regular session? Why were other conservative items left on the wayside?

    It was just one example of a status quo politician rather than a conservative willing to go to the mat to get things done.

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