Monday, May 19, 2014

Dan Patrick Responds to Outrageous Attack and Release of Medical Records from David Dewhurst

From Dan Patrick:

My Statement on Dewhurst's Attacks.....

The last 24 hrs have been some of the toughest in this campaign. David Dewhurst, who is trailing by a large margin in the polls going into early voting (which begins Monday), launched one of the dirtiest attacks anyone has launched on an opponent.

At first Dewhurst denied he had anything to do with the release of my medical records when I was treated for depression 30 years ago. He blamed former candidate Jerry Patterson for the release of records. However, in an e-mail sent out a few hours later in error to the media, Patterson clearly showed David was totally involved and knew everything that was happening.

I have never hidden the fact I struggled with depression in the 1980s, but I did keep the details private. They were personal as all medical issues are. I voluntarily entered a hospital in 1982 and then again in 1986 to treat my depression. The drugs that were prescribed for me in the hospital only made it worse. By 1987, through prayer, the love of my family and my doctor I was finally able to defeat depression. I have not seen a doctor or taken any medication for depression or any other mental health issue since 1987.

Millions of Texans have had an episode of depression or know of a family member who has. One reason I have talked about this issue on the radio over the years is to let people know there is no shame in asking for help or seeking treatment for depression. We must remove the stigma of seeking help for mental health. In most cases depression can be cured.

I have gone on to have a very productive and successful life for the last 30 years. My recently released medical exam shows I am in excellent physical and mental health as I have been for decades.

This has also been a test of my Christian faith. I open every speech with I'm a Christian first and conservative second. It's now time to live my faith through actions and not just words. There are two verses close to my heart that have kept me strong.

Isaiah 54:15 If anyone does attack you, it will not be my doing, whoever attacks you will surrender to you

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you

My campaign has been focused on the issues, namely cutting property taxes and securing the border. Meanwhile Dewhurst has spent millions attacking me and to date not one single dollar on why he should be re-elected or on any issue. It's time to put an end to the dirty political tricks of David Dewhurst. It's the only way he knows how to campaign. We've seen it before.

I am the best candidate for Lt Governor. I am ready to serve and I ask for you vote. Early Voting begins Monday and election day is May 27th. You can get involved at


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