Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Texas Runoff Election TODAY - Vote PATRICK and PAXTON

Today is the 2014 Texas Republican Primary Runoff Election Day! VOTE from 7am to 7pm.

The people elected today will likely win against the Democrats in November, so this Republican Primary Runoff Election is very important.

There are many important races, but I have kind of taken a break and so I really have only gotten involved in 2 races, the Attorney General's Race and the Lieutenant Governor's race.

I SUPPORT DAN PATRICK for Texas Lieutenant Governor over David Dewhurst. You can search the many articles that I have written about him and you already have received several emails from me about Patrick.

I SUPPORT KEN PAXTON for Texas Attorney General over Dan Branch. I might have opposed Paxton in his race with Barry Smitherman because I believed that Smitherman was better in that race, but now the race is between just Paxton and Branch. Even though I initially supported Smitherman, I always declared that Paxton is a conservative and that I would hands down support him over the more moderate Dan Branch. For instance, I did not like that Paxton withdrew from the race vs Joe Straus, but at least Paxton had the guts to oppose Straus in the first place, and not only that, Branch was one of the guys who helped elect Joe Straus and Branch completely supports Straus. Texas needs Paxton for Attorney General and not Dan Branch!

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