Monday, July 30, 2012

Why I Endorse Barry Smitherman Texas Railroad Commissioner July 31st, 2012 Republican Runoff Election


2012 Republican Primary Runoff Election

Election Day: Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Polling Places/Voting Locations open 7am-7pm

I have already written many personal endorsement articles this year such as Why Texas MUST Elect Ted Cruz for US Senate and also Why I Support Re-Election of Super Conservative James White for State Representative. I was gone for 3 weeks for Army Training, but now that I am back, here is another endorsement article for everyone to consider before election day TOMORROW!

Why I Endorse Barry Smitherman Texas Railroad Commissioner July 31st, 2012 Republican Runoff Election


I believe in Commissioner Barry Smitherman. I really do. I am not the kind of person who just goes along with the crowd. Anyone who knows me knows that I rock the boat all the time when needed. I am not supporting Barry Smitherman for election to the Texas Railroad Commission because he was appointed by Governor Perry, or because he is endorsed by many top Conservative organizations and individuals like David Barton, Cathie Adams, Texans for Life, etc. (See Full List of Barry Smitherman Endorsements at the Bottom of this Article) I support Barry Smitherman because, after many conversations with him, and examining his family life and professional/political history, I really believe that Smitherman is a solid conservative, Christian and a family man who is fighting for Texas and for conservative values. He does not just do his own thing and he is very responsive to concerns and questions from conservatives.
The ONLY thing negative I have ever heard about Smitherman has to do with Smart Meters and it is a big misunderstanding. When Smitherman led the PUC, the TEXAS LEGISLATURE passed smart meter legislation. NOT SMITHERMAN. Smitherman ran the PUC and smart meters was put in his lap after the Texas Legislature passed it with no objections from citizens or conservatives. It now appears that the Texas Legislature only looked at the good things about smart meters and might not have fully thought out the POTENTIAL consequences of spart meters. I am very upset, as a conservative, about the possible misuse of smart meters too, but the Texas Legislature is responsible for that and not Smitherman.
Smitherman is Working with State Rep. David Simpson to Allow Citizens to Opt-Out of Smart Meters
This is how you know a good elected official from a bad one. They listen. Recently there have been worries about the potential negative effects of Smart Meters that were not thought about when passed by the Texas Legislature. Smitherman did not pass smart meter legislation and he is not even head of the PUC anymore (He is Railroad Commissioner), but he is working to correct the problem by joining with Conservative State Representative David Simpson (TSA Anti-Groping Bill) to pass legislation making smart meters optional. Smitherman is LISTENING TO CONSERVATIVES and trying to correct the problems that the Texas Legislature did not think about. That is what a good conservative elected official should do!
I am not against Barry Smitherman's runoff opponent Greg Parker. I am FOR Barry Smitherman. I really do believe in him and believe he is fighting for us and for conservative values. I have friends who are voting for Parker and I have friends who are voting for Smitherman. Not everyone agrees on who to vote for 100% of the time and that is ok. We are still all on the same side and will continue to work together fighting for conservative values. I think Greg is a good guy and has a good road ahead of him. I look forward to working with him in the future. That being said, I thought Parker was originally running in the open Railroad Commissioner seat and not against Smitherman. I fully support Barry Smitherman and I like how Smitherman has fought for conservative values while appointed to Railroad Commissioner and I would like to see Smitherman elected to a full term. He always makes time to listen to regular people like me and even personally calls me to talk about conservative issues and explain what he is doing to stand for us.
I first met Barry Smitherman when I was on the State Republican Executive Committee for the Republican Party of Texas. Smitherman came to one of our SREC meetings and gave a passionate speech about how he is fighting for Texas, conservative values, and standing up against the EPA. My friend John at recorded the speech for me and posted it online so I could write an article about it and link to the video.
His message at this meeting was clear.
Obama’s New GREEN EPA Rules will cause Texas to shut down power plants, which will mean that homes could go without power (Lights and even Air Conditioning) in the middle of next year’s 2012 Texas Summer heat.
Texas is fighting tooth and nail to stop this rule form going into effect. Barry Smitherman is fighting too and he is part of every lawsuit that Texas has against the EPA.
Here is the article I wrote:

Texas Commissioner Barry Smitherman Says EPA will Turn off Power to Air Conditioners in Summer Heat

As time went by, I began to like Smitherman even more. He was very willing to work with conservatives to stand for our values and

Here is a video of Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman talking to the SREC on October 1st, 2011 about the EPA threatening to Turn off the Lights in Texas:


Heritage Alliance (including Liberty Institute, Eagle Forum, etc.) ranks Smitherman high on their Conservative Rankings

Railroad Commissioner, unexpired term - Republican
   Parker, Greg (R)
Grade: B+
   Smitherman, Barry (R)
Grade: A

Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman's Endorsers & Supporters:

​Governor Rick Perry
Attorney General Greg Abbott
Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples

“I am proud to endorse Barry Smitherman in the run-off election for the Texas Railroad Commission. He has demonstrated strong moral character and nothing symbolizes that character more than his 25 year marriage to Marijane and their commitment to protecting unborn life. Voters can feel confident that when they head to the polls and vote for Barry that he is a proven conservative and a man of integrity who will govern as such.” ~ Kyleen Wright, President, Texans for Life

"Barry Smitherman is a proven fiscal and social conservative. As the current Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, Barry has worked hard to make the Commission more responsive and is leading the way to American Energy Independence. Barry is a leader we can trust because of his stellar character and personal integrity. As a proud homeschooler and father of four, Barry just celebrated his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Barry Smitherman practices the conservative values he preaches. I invite my friends across Texas to join me in voting for Barry Smitherman for Texas Railroad Commissioner." - Cathie Adams, President, Texas Eagle Forum

"Barry Smitherman is a proven conservative who has served all Texans well. As a values driven conservative I find it easy to endorse his candidacy. I voted for him in May and plan to do so again in his run-off and in November." – Dr. Rick Scarborough

I am honored to support Barry Smitherman for Railroad Commissioner. Not only is he exceptionally skilled in all the issues surrounding the complex energy industry, he is also a strong, conservative man of faith committed to fighting Obama and the cultural liberals. Whether it be by suing to block unconstitutional actions by Obama bureaucrats, or by showing the world that even those in public office can still have a strong, 25-year marriage and successfully raise four children, Barry lives his values every day. Barry Smitherman is a competent, conservative public official who also demonstrates his faith and values in all his actions. I'm proud to support his bid for Railroad Commissioner." – David Barton

Conservative Club of Houston
Conservative Republicans of Texas
Houston Realty Business Coalition
Texas Association of Business
Texas Association of Manufacturers
Texans for Lawsuit Reform
National Rifle Association
Texas Alliance for Life
Texas Association of Realtors
Texas Conservative Review
Texas Farm Bureau Ag Fund
Texas Home School Coalition
Texas Oil & Gas Association Committee
Texas Right to Life
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association PAC
Texas State Rifle Association
Sportsman’s and Animal Owners Voting Alliance
Victor Carillo
Michael Williams
Elizabeth Ames Jones
Charles Matthews
Barry Williamson
Borah Van Dormolen - Republican National Committeewoman
Robin Armstrong - Republican National Committeeman
Sue Evenwell, Mt. Pleasant SD – 1
Vicki Slaton, Sunnyvale – SD 2
Judy Parada, Montgomery – SD 3
Michael Truncale, Beaumont – SD 4
Megan Higginbotham, Georgetown SD – 5
Russell Martinez, Huntsville SD – 5
Glenda Bowles, Houston – SD 6
Rex Teter, Pasadena – SD 6
Mark Ramsey, Spring – SD 7
Valoree Swanson, Spring – SD 7
Candy Noble, Plano – SD 8
Sheryl Berg, Houston – SD 11
Dennis Paul, Webster – SD 11
Thomas Washington, Carrollton – SD 12
Bonnie Lugo, Houston – SD 13
Rex Lamb, Houston – SD 13
Davida Stike, Pflugerville – SD 14
Randy Samuelson, Austin – SD 14
Montie Watkins, Houston – SD 15
Vergel Cruz, Houston – SD 15
Randall Dunning, Garland – SD 16
Tina Gibson, Sugar Land – SD 17
Marvin Clede, Houston – SD 17
Ben Zeller, Victoria – SD 18
James Barnes, San Antonio – SD 19
Gayla Miller,Rio Frio – SD 19
Bob Jones, Corpus Christi – SD 20
Eric Opiela, Karnes City – SD 21
Janet Jackson, Clifton – SD 22
Linda Kinney, Dripping Springs – SD 25
Dr. Johnny Lovejoy II, San Antonio – SD 26
Marian Stanko, San Antonio – SD 26
Norma Tovar, Brownsville – SD 27
Russ Duerstine, San Angelo – SD 28
Jane Cansino, Lubbock – SD 28
Rena Peden, Ft. Worth – SD 30
Danny Pelton, Hico – SD 30
Tom Roller, Amarillo – SD 31
Chairman John Carona – TX 16
Chairman Bob Deuell – TX 2
Chairman Robert Duncan – TX 28
Chairman Kevin Eltife – TX 1
Chairman Craig Estes – TX 30
Chairman Troy Fraser – TX 24
Chairman Chris Harris – TX 9
Senator Glenn Hegar – TX 18
Chairman Mike Jackson – TX 11
Chairwoman Jane Nelson – TX 12
Senator Robert Nichols – TX 3
Senator Dan Patrick – TX 7
Chairman Kel Seliger – TX 31
Chairman Tommy Williams – TX 4
Representative Jose Aliseda
Representative Doc Anderson
Representative Rodney Anderson
Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock
Representative Leo Berman
Representative Dwayne Bohac
Chairman Dan Branch
Representative Linda Harper-Brown
Representative Cindy Burkett
Representative Erwin Cain
Chairman Bill Callegari
Representative Stefani Carter
Representative Angie Chen Button
Representative Warren Chisum
Representative Wayne Christian
Chairman Byron Cook
Chairman Brandon Creighton
Representative Myra Crownover
Chairman Drew Darby
Chairman John Davis
Representative Sarah Davis
Representative Joe Driver
Chairman Rob Eissler
Representative Allen Fletcher
Representative Dan Flynn
Representative John Garza
Chairman Charlie Geren
Representative Lance Gooden
Chairman Tuffy Hamilton
Representative Kelly Hancock
Chairman Rick Hardcastle
Representative Patricia Harless
Representative Charlie Howard
Representative Dan Huberty
Representative Bryan Hughes
Chairman Jim Keffer
Representative Phil King
Representative John Kuempel
Representative Jodie Laubenberg
Representative Lyle Larson
Representative George Lavender
Representative Tryon Lewis
Chairman Jerry Madden
Representative Dee Margo
Representative Doug Miller
Chairman Sid Miller
Representative Geannie Morrison
Representative Jim Murphy
Representative Rob Orr
Chairman John Otto
Representative Tan Parker
Representative Ken Paxton
Chairman Aaron Pena
Chairman Larry Phillips
Chairman Jim Pitts
Representative Four Price
Representative Debbie Riddle
Chairman Allan Ritter
Representative Charles Schwertner
Representative Connie Scott
Representative Kenneth Sheets
Representative Ralph Sheffield
Representative David Simpson
Representative Todd Smith
Chairman Wayne Smith
Chairman Burt Solomons
Chairman Larry Taylor
Chairman Vicki Truitt
Representative Randy Weber
Representative James White
Representative Paul Workman
Representative Bill Zedler
Chairman John Zerwas


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