Thursday, March 4, 2021

TX Expert Dr. Osborne, and AZ Expert Dr. Fabricius say Equal Parenting is Best for Kids!

Texas House Bill 803 Equal Parenting bill is vital for the health and well being of children. Texas should pass HB 803 because kids need both parents equally involved as long as both parents are fit, willing, and able!

Dr. Cynthia Osborne at is the expert for the State of Texas on children and family research

Dr. William Fabricius is a national expert on child development

Dr. Osborne with the Child and Family Research Partnership at University of Texas was paid over 1 million dollars by the Texas Attorney General Office as the state expert to extensively research Children and Family. The graph on the top left from Dr. Osborne shows that kids with fathers that are involved have exponentially better health, better education, less likely to go to jail, more likely to go to college, better overall life outlooks. Dr. Fabricius w/ Arizona State University has done some of the most extensive research in the world on child development and custody possession and access. The graph on the bottom left from Dr. Fabricius shows that young adults are more emotionally stable if they spent at least EQUAL time with their father, and the equal father time even created better mother children relationships.

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