Tuesday, March 23, 2021

HB 803 Helps Low-Income Families and has Bi-Partisan Support

HB 803 will Help Low Income Families

Unequal Parenting laws Hurt Low-Income Families who cannot afford an attorney and get stuck with standard orders with unequal parenting or bad deals that are not in the best interest of the children.

HB 803 Equal Parenting Bill will Help Low Income Families because it will create the starting point as equal parenting for fit, willing, and able parents.

Currently, if a low-income family wants to even try to do more than the current standard possession order unequal parenting starting point, they need an attorney that they cannot afford. This means they get stuck with bad deals and bad agreements or just accept the standard orders. This is why you see lower income families not going to court to get the judge to grant something more equal and fairer because these low-income families do not have the money to hire an attorney.

Even worse, if one parent does have money and the other parent does not, then the parent with money can get the good attorney and the other parent would not have the money to try to get equal parenting. This is the situation we see often when it is the woman who gets ordered to only see their kids every other weekend even though the parents are both good parents. Unequal starting point hurts low-income parents and hurts the kids. Equal Starting point will bring fit parents to court on even ground so less fighting and less conflict and better for the kids! That means even low-income parents who are both fit with no issues don’t need the expensive attorney to try to move up to equal parenting orders because that will be the starting point and then a judge can go down from there with just cause.

The Current Law DOES NOT have an equal parenting option, nor can parents just elect to have more time without having to hire an attorney and have a trial, nor do Judges typically grant it unless you have LOTS of MONEY to hire an attorney for a trial. Do not be fooled by lobbyists who say you can already get equal parenting in Texas. The standard order is the starting point check box that the law says a judge should check, and to vary from that takes money, which is why the new starting point for fit, willing, and able parents should be EQUAL PARENTING HB 803. It is better for courts and better for kids and Judges can still go down from there with just cause for the kids, but there will be much less fighting going into court & better deals for low-income families with both fit parents going into court on equal parenting ground.

HB 803 has Bi-Partisan Authorship!    A dozen Authors and Coauthors already have signed up to HB 803 with HALF being Republican and HALF being Democrat. With so much divisiveness in politics, this is truly a moment where both sides can come together and do something massively great for kids and for society! Support Equal Parenting!

MORE INFO: http://EqualJusticeTaskForce.com


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