Wednesday, February 24, 2021

DA Investigator Marcelo Molfino is Fired amidst Wage Theft and Abuse of Information Allegations

Jefferson County District Attorney Investigator Marcelo Molfino has been fired by District Attorney Bob Wortham.  This occurs amidst a new round of corruption allegations. I have been exposing corruption in Jefferson County for some time now. It is important that Constitutional rights of people are not trampled by government actors, and it is important that communities can trust and respect all the good law enforcement officers out there, which is why it is important to expose the bad apples.

I recently did an open records request with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office for pay records of Investigator Molfino. It was discovered that while Jefferson County taxpayers were paying Molfino emergency pay to NOT work during Hurricane Laura, he was also getting paid in Port Arthur, TX with tax payer funds to do catering. That double dipping is not illegal although it certainly seems unethical.

The triple dipping is where things start to get illegal.

Pay records show that after Hurricane Laura, Molfino took paid time off on 9/25/2020. He was paid his full salary by the tax payers for the time that Molfino took off because Molfino claimed “comp pay.” Comp pay is when Molfino says that he worked overtime on a day in the past but instead of overtime pay, he instead takes off time in the future and still gets paid in order to make up for the extra time he previously worked. The District Attorney’s Office has yet to ever produce any records of this secret comp time stash that Molfino frequently uses to get paid time off. However, on Molfino’s time card Molfino wrote that the comp time he was getting paid for on 9/25 was earned by working extra on 8/26 during Hurricane Laura. The problem is that Molfino’s time card from 8/26 and his pay records both show that Molfino was getting paid emergency pay to NOT work on 8/26, AND additionally we know that Molfino was in Port Arthur getting paid to cook and cater during Hurricane Laura. So therefore, it is not possible that Molfino had earned any comp time on 8/26. So when Molfino claimed comp time earned on 8/26 in order to get paid to take off of work on 9/25, it appears that it was a false statement on his pay card by claiming comp time that that could not have been earned when Molfino claimed it was earned, and therefore theft of taxpayer dollars.

Molfino getting fired comes in this middle of me waiting for additional records for the County regarding this potential criminal activity.

update: The DA's office says that Molfino resigned. That is true. He was told to resign or be fired. It is less paperwork and less bad press that way. A nonvoluntary resignation under threat of getting fired anyways is actually just simply getting fired.

But wait, that is not the only recent allegation of wrongdoing by Molfino.

Recently, a person named Mary Bond has come forward with allegations that Marcelo Molfino had falsified information in order to have her arrested. Furthermore, she alleges that Molfino used his government computer to access confidential past information and photos in order to leak those photos to a local political blogger. It is against the law to use information and government resources for private gain. It is called abuse of official information. Furthermore, it is certainly against the law to make false statements in order to get someone arrested.

Exactly how much these recent allegations played a part in District Attorney Bob Wortham finally letting Marcelo Molfino go is unknown. Maybe the recent events were just the straw that broke the camel’s back because there is a long list of allegations and information about wrongdoing by Investigator Marcelo Molfino from over the years. Molfino recently escaped charges of perjury, thanks to the statute of limitations running out, after a Texas Rangers investigation showed that Marcelo Molfino committed perjury by lying under oath on the stand. I have not done a follow up on that story yet but I will be posting the Texas Rangers report as soon as I get it. In short, Molfino had been trying to set up me, David Bellow, with false charges as retaliation for me having blew the whistle on Marcelo Molfino for practicing without a license, a Class A Misdemeanor. All charges against me were dropped, and now I try to help others, and help society, by working to expose the bad actors who abuse their trust and position they have been given by the citizens.

There will be more to come out as I get more data and information and records.

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