Thursday, February 27, 2014

Texas Conservative Digest Ranks LT Gov. Candidate Dan Patrick as a Top 3 Conservative

Dan Patrick is a Texas State Senator who is running to be the Texas Lieutenant Governor so that he can be in charge of the Texas Senate. The Texas Senate needs strong conservative leadership. Texas needs more guys like Ted Cruz who will boldly stand and fight instead of playing behind the scenes political games. Some people do not like Dan Patrick because he is very outspoken. Some would rather see fake handshakes with liberals and friendly gestures like appointing liberal democrats to chairmen positions in the State Senate. We are at war. It is time to charge the hill and take over the Texas Senate with a strong leader who will fight for conservative values no matter what. Someone bold and outspoken, like Patrick, is exactly the kind of person we need.

Since Patrick is running to be in charge of the Texas Senate, I believe it is fitting to look at his performance in the Texas Senate.

The Texas Conservative Digest ranked Senator Dan Patrick as the third best conservative in the Texas Senate last session. The only other two senators ahead of him in the senate are not running for the position of LT Governor. This means that Senator Patrick is the top Senator in the race for LT Gov.

The Texas Conservative Digest supports Dan Patrick in the race for LT Governor, but the Digest is just not able to endorse Patrick. Per their own policy, the Digest cannot endorse any candidates with less than a 90% score. Patrick is obviously one of the top 3 conservative Senators according to the Digest’s own ranking, and he is the top conservative in the LT Gov. race. Patrick barely missed the 90% mark and got an 87.2%. Although the Digest cannot officially endorse him, he is supported by the digest because of his top conservative ranking.

This high conservative ranking is just one more medal to add to Patrick’s long list of top conservative rankings. The non-partisan Mark P Jones Lib-Con ranking shows Patrick as the number one conservative in the Texas Senate last year, and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Patrick as well.


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