Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Orange, Texas City Council Votes Against Union. City doesn't want to be Forced to Rehire former Police Officer, and Killer, Robert Arnold

By, David Bellow 

Orange, TX City Council stood up and made the right decision be refusing to rehire Robert Arnold as an Orange Police Officer. The City instead chose to defy the Union that represented the Killer and the City appealed the arbitrater's ruling. Click Here for the News Story of this update

I previously wrote this article about how fellow police officers say that this former officer, Robert Arnold, killed an unarmed war hero, James Whitehead, over a racial slur

I then wrote this follow up article about how a Texas Union was trying to force the city of Orange to rehire Robert Arnold


  1. Had James acted civilized like a marine is suppose to act he would still be alive. Amazing how the city hold back statement of witnesses in effort to throw a good officer under the bus. This is nobody fault except James.

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