Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Earthquake in Virginia/Washington DC or is America’s Foundation cracking due to Obama’s Enormous Debt & Big Government?

So there was an earthquake in Virginia yesterday. After it was clear that no one was hurt or injured, I decided to have a little fun. I tweeted on my @DavidBellow twitter page, “Was that an earthquake in Virginia/Washington DC or is America’s foundation cracking due to our enormous debt & big government?”

I was not the only person who thought that the earthquake in Virginia was a perfect opportunity make a point and have a little fun. Before we get to the more serious discussion, including graphs of America’s Debt (below), let’s take a look at some of the humorous comments after the earthquake yesterday.

On Texas GOP Vote’s Facebook page, the comments came rolling in.

Here are some of the Facebook comments:

Apparently the earth's crust has collapsed under the weight of all the BS in Washington...

Breaking News: it's just been established by the administration that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure fault-line, apparently known as "Bush's Fault". I knew there would be a way to blame Bush....

Must be human caused climate change.

I am sure Bush will be blamed for this too

Could it have been tremors from the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves?

plus CHECK OUT THESE PICTURES of the Virginia/Washington DC Earthquake Damage and Devastation. I rolled on the floor laughing at these pictures! haha

But Seriously, America will crumble under the weight of our uncontrollable deficit spending and debt increases if we do not do something to stop it. Imagine if you have a family and a set income. You have 4 car notes and a mortgage but now you can no longer pay the monthly payments on your vehicles and house. Do you go out and buy another car or do you sell one of them?

America has maxed out her credit cards. The logical thing to do is to cut spending, not increase spending.

But I believe seeing this debt will help people understand the situation we are in much better than just hearing about the situation.

Obama Administration Debt and Spending Graphs from the Heritage Foundation:

This first graph shows the enormous increase (and projected increases) in deficit spending per year since Obama took over in 2009. Although I believe George W. Bush was a great president, I was not happy with the debt spending that we saw under Bush due to the recession and the wars BUT Bush’s deficit spending is only a fraction the deficit spending that Obama has created. Obama did not inherit the mess we are in. He created it. The graph speaks for itself

This second graph shows that entitlement spending is what is driving up the deficit. In fact, entitlement spending will consume all tax revenue by 2052! We cannot give out more to people than we take in and we have to have money in the bank to pay for America’s Constitutional duties like defense.

This third graph is one of my favorite graphs. It breaks down Obama’s 2012 budget by spending category. We hear people complain and complain about how military spending is why we have so much debt and deficit spending. Well surprise surprise! Military spending (a constitutional expense) in Obama’s 2012 budget is only 19 percent, while entitlement spending consumes 58% (over half) of Obama’s 2012 budget spending.

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