Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All Texas TSA Anti Groping Bills in Texas Special Session are DEAD - Rep Simpson Blames Leadership Failure

This Just In:

Today was the last day of the Special Session, Wednesday June 29th, 2011, and any hope for the Texas House passing a TSA Anti Groping Bill has failed due to the House not having enough members show up and vote to suspend the rules and pass the Texas Senate version of the bill.

According to the Texas Tribune, after it became apparent the bill was dead, Simpson spoke before the House and openly criticized leadership in both chambers. With House Speaker Joe Straus, who just last week referred to the TSA bill as a publicity stunt, standing behind him, Simpson said he believed House leadership had thwarted his effort to stop the "routine" touching of private parts by federal agents. He said he is "fed up with phonies" and politicians who take credit for bills they try to kill.

During his 15-minute speech, Simpson quoted Churchill by saying, "Never yield to force... never yield to the overwhelming might of the enemy." On the TSA legislation, he declared, "I'm not giving up."

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