Monday, June 27, 2011

Breaking News: Texas State Affairs Committee CANCELLED This Morning - No TSA or Sanctuary City Legislation

I previously reported that the State Affairs Committee members did not show up Friday in order to prevent a Quorum and stop important legislation from coming out of their committee and that they would probably not show up today either in order to keep from having to consider the important legislation regarding Anti TSA Groping and Anti Sanctuary Cities. See previous article here
Breaking News:
A Texas State Representative has just informed me that the Texas House State Affairs Committee Meeting that was scheduled for this morning has been CANCELLED. This Committee was supposed to take up the TSA Anti Groping issue this morning and they also still have the Anti Sanctuary Cities legislation that has been left pending in their committee. These issues are for certain not going to be brought up in this session because this special session ends tomorrow and without a meeting of the State Affairs Committee this morning, those issues do not have time to get passed.
Unless something is brought up to the floor by Strau of via an amendment to another bill, then it seems clear that the members of the State Affairs Committee have purposely fled to prevent this legislation from moving forward.
It will be interesting to see if there will even be a quorum today in the House of Representatives, and if there is, what issues will be brought up of covered up...

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