Friday, May 27, 2011

TSA Harasses Two Texas Wounded Veterans at Airport with War Shrapnel in their Bodies

By, David Bellow 

TSA agents harassed two Texas Wounded Veterans trying to get on a plane. Where were these two wounded warriors going? They were going to a ceremony to honor them for their courageous service in defending America. One of the wounded warriors, a friend of mine who personally told me what happened, has bullet fragments in his leg. The other wounded warrior has shrapnel in his face.

The TSA agents cornered them and bombarded them with repeated questions like, “what are you hiding in your face.” The agents did not give the wounded warriors time to explain anything and went straight into accusing them of “hiding” something in their bodies. Yeah, they are hiding something alright. They have metal in their bodies from war! My friend told me that one TSA agent came up to him and asked what he was hiding in his leg, but before my friend could answer he said that the TSA agent grabbed him, without notice, right in the crotch area as if trying to find something hidden. My friend has served many tours of duty and I believe him when he tells me that it took everything in him not to react defensively when this agent grabbed his crotch without even letting him know he was going to be pat searched.

The names of the two wounded warriors have been withheld because one of them has a homes for heroes ceremony coming up and I don’t want the ceremony to be overshadowed by them getting harassed by the TSA.

Politicians and Muslims NOT Searched but Wounded Warriors are Searched

This is an embarrassment to our country. These disabled vets were wounded defending America and they get harassed while many politicians, most of whom have never served to defend America, don’t even have to be searched.[1] I guess the politicians are not likely to want to hurt Americans but our wounded Veterans are? And how about Obama letting Muslims skip the pat searched[2] but our disabled veterans don’t get any such pass.

This political correctness is sickening. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists or are bad people. I am saying that if you know the guy who just robbed a bank is a short white guy then you make sure you search all short white guys. Sure, you don’t overlook the other people around the bank because the money might have been passed off to someone who is not short and white, but since you can’t possibly check everyone then you at least make sure you checked all the short white guys! That is not discriminating, that is just common sense and it is even common practice. In WWII there were camps right here in Texas where all the Japanese were put into. Why? We were at war with the Japanese. Were all the Japanese in camps bad people? No. But since it was the Japanese we were at war with, and it is not possible to know which ones were good or bad, we just locked them all up till the war was over. That was an extreme example. I am NOT saying we lock Muslims up or harass them. I am simply saying how in the world can you search a wounded warrior but not search a Muslim even though the Taliban is a Muslim group? If the Taliban was a group of wounded warriors then I would understand wanting to pay special attention to the wounded warriors. But that is not the case.

Texas HB 1938 would End TSA Child Molestation but DOJ threatened to Stop All Texas Flights

Texas was standing up for its citizens by pushing through a bill that will outlaw anyone from touching a person’s private areas unless they had reasonable suspicion. Basically the TSA would not be able to do their invasive pat searches on babies unless they had a reason.

Right when the senate was about to vote to pass the bill, they got a letter from the Department of Justice threatening to cancel all Texas flights if the bill was passed.[3]

Some Texas Senators backed down and now the bill is stalled. I think our Texas Senators need to stand for the people of Texas and stand up against this molestation. You think Obama wants to be the President who stopped all travel and financially crippled the airlines? No. If Texas stands its ground and passes the bill then you can bet that the Federal Government will have to figure out a less invasive way to keep flights safe.

What is Next? Random Home Searches?

What is next? Federal agents going to random homes to do random and unwarranted searches so they can preemptively try to find potential threats? Think that is far-fetched? Think again. The Indiana Supreme Court just ruled that police can go into your home for any reason or for NO REASON AT ALL.[4]

Speaking of far-fetched. Who would have ever thought that a TSA agent would get to see you virtually nude before you can get on a plane? These scanners are over the top and they might even be dangerous and cause cancer.[5]

There has to be a balance between safety and dignity. Even Hillary Clinton does not think people should be groped by the TSA.[6]



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