Friday, May 20, 2011

Mike Hamilton Kills Texas Gambling Bills

update: I have recently gotten an email with links to newspapers with quotes from Mike Hamilton. Mike Hamilton has told the papers that he is pushing to pass an expanded gambling and casino bill. I am upset that Hamilton lied to me and told me that he killed the bill for us when in fact he just did not get enough votes for the bill....

previous story:

Mike Hamilton Kills Gambling Bills

I previously sent out emails asking everyone to call State Representative Mike Hamilton and express their disappointment in him for supporting a bill that would expand gambling in Texas (something that goes against the Republican Party and the Governor would veto it)

I am happy to say that your calls and emails worked! Thanks for all of your hard work in teaming together and helping stop these bills. I talked to Mike Hamilton this week and he told me that he killed all the gambling bills in his licensing committee!

Thank you Mike Hamilton for listening to the majority in your district who do not want expanded gambling in Texas! Like Rick Perry told me, if it was so great then Nevada would be doing great financially, but they aren’t!

I believe there are some other gambling related bills still in play that were not in Mike Hamilton's committee so keep up the good work everyone!


  1. Hamilton looked high and low and did not have the votes for gambling. He didn't kill the bills. He simply didn't have the votes to pass them so they died on their own.

  2. Mike Hamilton did not kill the bill. He created the gambling bill for Joe Straus and he tried and tried to find votes to pass it. Hamilton could not find the votes so he pulled the bill. He did not listen to his constituents and he did not kill the bill for them. He pulled the bill because it would not have passed. Hamilton is a fraud and is not a conservative!

  3. when did makin money become "(something that goes against the Republican Party)" this big government idea of legislating morality is just as insane as legislating secularism... america is not a theocracy and thank god for that.. this is why santorum is the least small government conservative and he is losing

  4. It looks like we cant trust either one of these candidates to tell us the truth. James White is buddying up to Joe Straus who has money invested in Bringing Gambling to Texas.

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