Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Second Video Emerges of Teacher Watching Seagoville School Fight – Also Lumberton School Fight Goes Unnoticed

Just yesterday I posted this article[1] about a Seagoville High School teacher watching a kid get beat up right in front of him and not even calling for help. I also pointed out problems with school policy that allows for kids to get beat up without being able to defend themselves.

It gets much worse!

A SECOND video has just surfaced which shows a different fight a couple of weeks ago and the same teacher just stands there and watched the fight and does not even say anything!
Thank you Teacher’s Union for wanting to keep this teacher in Texas Schools so he can allow kids to get beat up and fight each other.

This teacher finally got suspended while the school is reviewing these videos. The problem is that if these videos did not get posted online, and if there was not a public uproar about these videos, then I have a bad feeling that the administration would have never done anything about this teacher.

Lumberton Middle School Fight Last Week. Teachers Do Nothing and Parents have to Call Front Office to Tell School About Fight.

After posting this fight video yesterday, I got a call from a concerned parent right here in my hometown of Lumberton, TX. This parent said that, while she was waiting in line to pick up her child at Lumberton Middle School, she witnessed a huge fist fight break out with several students involved. She said she was waiting for a teacher to come break it up but that never happened. The parent said there were teachers out there and they had to have heard the fight because all the kids were yelling and chanting fight and the fight was enormous and involved several students. After it was clear that no teachers were stepping in, this parent called the front office of Lumberton Middle School and told them about the fight and asked them to break up the fight.
First, I am not accusing any Lumberton Teacher of standing and watching this fight like the teacher at Seagoville High School. I would hope they just were not out there to see it.

BUT…  even if they school did not break up the fight because they did not see it, we now have the issue of WHY DID NO ONE SEE IT. Why were there no teachers supervising the students outside getting picked up after school? How does that make you feel knowing the level of supervision your children are getting when a huge fight like this can go unnoticed until a parent calls the fight in to the front office.

We need to get back to the basics of protecting the children in school and we also need to focus on good teachers. We need to stop all this political correctness of punishing a victim if that victim fights back after getting attacked and we need to stop the unions from making it hard to fire bad teachers like at Seagoville High School in Dallas, Texas.


  1. As a parent, I would have honked my horn, gotten out of my car, while calling the police on my cell phone, and holler out to all those kids about what i was doing. I would suggest to them, that unless they wanted to be arrested for participating or fueling the fight, they'd better move on and break it up.

    Whenever I have had to pick up my brother in years past at the MS, there have alway been plenty of teachers out there. The lack of teachers may have depended on the location of the fight. If it took place well off to the side and not the main pick-up areas, then it is possible no teachers saw it.

    Also, if the fight happened well after the majority of the students had already been picked up, then that could also explain the lack of supervision. There may have only been 1 teacher left to make sure the last stragglers were picked up.

    I'm saying all this b/c I used to be a teacher and after a long day of taking care of kids, with all the noise and chatter going on right around you, it is possible to hear some commotion and not fully grasp that a fight is going on...especially if you cannot see it.

    I would hate to think that teachers clearly saw and heard the fight and stood idly by.

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