Thursday, January 20, 2022

Marcelo Molfino JP campaign bankrolled by corrupt Democrat Bob Wortham

Marcelo Molfino JP campaign bankrolled by corrupt Democrats. Democrat DA Bob Wortham has given thousands to Molfino according to campaign finance reports. Molfino is running as a Republican but where will his allegiance really lie? It is time Jefferson County Republicans stopped the cycle of corruption. Bob Wortham is one of the most corrupt Democrats in Jefferson County. Wortham let the BISD corrupt Democrat school leaders off the hook with Molfino at his side. Wortham refused to charge Democrat Sheriff Zena Stephens who took 5k under the table money from a convicted gambler who Wortham knew had an illegal gambling ring and never prosecuted him for it, all with Molfino by his side. When an officer in Port Arthur filed a lawsuit against Wortham for refusing to file charges against Molfino and then retaliating against the officer, the lawsuit states that Wortham told the officer that Molfino is his boy. When the DA leadership put out a termination letter against Molfino for lying and stealing, which led to Molfino's resignation, Wortham went to the PA news and stated that Molfino was not in trouble and didn't know why he resigned. Wortham lied to the public about the termination of Molfino. The sitting DA would boldly lie to cover for Molfino, and then he gives thousands of dollars to Molfino to win a Republican campaign? Jefferson County Republicans must stop this corruption in Jefferson County. Molfino will be an extension of the Democrat Wortham yall have known is corrupt. You can't even trust that Molfino is being honest about his separation from the DA office and Molfino is bankrolled by Democrat Bob Wortham. Molfino can't be trusted as a Republican and he can't be trusted in general.


  1. Ofcourse there's illegal funding. This planning started out when the UN moved to NY from California. If you look up Connecticut Senator John Flynn's website, you'll see the crazy. I mean crazy stuff he's unearthed. We're taking grand larceny, murder, by some of the biggest names in our government.I knew Texas was on the table for carving. I've known since 2012. I tried to tell people but got the brush off. What do I know? Well I can't put it all here, but the borders are wide open not by accident. There's refugee centers under the UN all over the State. They've been flying migrant men to different military bases. San Antonio is already all listed under the UN. That's the one world government, the UN. Big money was invested into Texas. And Abbott was chosen not elected. Now he's trying to change our constitution again. They already made the Texas Bar Association a STATE funded organization. I'm afraid to look up if they are implementing Canon Laws. But Abbott is a Freemason. He won't allow an audit by the people for the last election. They're all dirty.Theyre only these seats in order to make this transition happen.if you want better insight, let me know. My email is
    Its much, much, MUCH more than I can share here.

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