Thursday, July 9, 2020

Investigator Marcelo Molfino Committed Perjury against David Bellow – Texas Rangers Submit Report to Special Prosecutor

A corrupt Jefferson County DA Investigator Marcelo Molfino is likely to finally face justice as the Texas Rangers have submitted their investigation against him to Special Prosecutor, and elected San Jacinto County District Attorney, Robert Trapp. Hopefully, this compelling evidence of perjury committed by Marcelo Molfino gets presented to a grand jury so that Marcelo Molfino can finally pay for his crimes. I know all about this story because I am who Marcelo Molfino tried to retaliate against with false charges as a way to shut me up after I blew the whistle on him for illegal activity. I fought back. All charges against me were eventually dismissed. And now it is time for this bad cop to be held accountable and be held to the same standards as everyone else. Bad cops like Marcelo Molfino must be held accountable in order to bring credibility and trust back between law enforcement and communities who are hurting and rioting due to another bad cop who senselessly put his knee on the neck of George Floyd until he died. Until we stand up and hold accountable the bad officer like Marcelo Molfino who clearly violate the law, we cannot bring America back together and help communities to trust law enforcement so that they can do their jobs and do it the right way. I am not the first person Molfino has wrongfully hurt. There is a long list, including Omar Daw who is a black man from Port Arthur, TX who was let out of federal prison by the US Attorney after serving 3 years as an innocent man after Marcelo Molfino, a Port Arthur officer at the time, conspired with a Confidential informant who planted a gun on Omar Daw to set him up.
I have stayed fairly quiet about the specific details of the illegal activity by Marcelo Molfino during the investigation by Texas Rangers so as not to damage the investigation. Now that the investigation is over and has been handed over to the Special Prosecutor, it is time the world hears more of the details. Plain and Simple, DA investigator Marcelo Molfino took the stand and lied like a dog. He committed perjury and official oppression so unbelievably blatant that it is hard to believe. Maybe he thought I would be in jail and no one would know like the others he has framed, or maybe he just thought he was above the law and protected by his boss the District Attorney Bob Wortham, who has protected him from criminal charges in the past and is also under investigation by the Texas Rangers under the direction of the Special Prosecutor. When a deputy chief in Port Arthur went to Bob Wortham about criminal activity of Marcelo Molfino, Bob Wortham told him to back off because Molfino was “his boy.” He probably would have gotten away with it this time too had the Texas Rangers not gotten a special prosecutor who was not connected to Jefferson County. Robert Trapp is an elected DA from San Jacinto County and he has no special interest connection with Jefferson County and has, from my perspective, asked the Texas Rangers to do a fair and thorough investigation. Now that the Mr. Trapp has the investigation, I don’t believe that he will just toss the case, especially after such an in-depth investigation by the Texas Rangers after the special prosecutor widened his investigation into Jefferson County District Attorney corruption to specifically include investigating Marcelo Molfino. The stakes are too high and the evidence is too compelling. I believe Mr. Trapp will present the case to a Grand Jury, and if the grand jury sees the evidence that I have seen, I believe there will be an indictment of Marcelo Molfino.
I previously wrote an article with a general overview of what was going on which you can read here: False Stalking and Perjury Charges against David Bellow DROPPED – Texas Rangers Investigating DA Bob Wortham for Corruption
However, I didn’t really get into a lot of the specific details of the criminal activity that the Texas Rangers were investigating in that previous story. Now that the investigation has been completed, I will be releasing more of the details. First, I will go over the perjury of Marcelo Molfino that I know happened because I witnessed it with my own eyes. Then, a second soon to come article will detail the District Attorney Bob Wortham’s bribery and abuse of office scheme in which he used the false charges against me by his official position in order to personally obtain a private political website from me in exchange for prosecutorial decisions (you can’t make this stuff up!)
So what happened and how did Molfino commit perjury? A few years ago I uncovered illegal activity by the Jefferson County District Attorney Investigator Marcelo Molfino. I turned in Marcelo Molfino to Texas DPS. Texas DPS in a written report determined that Marcelo Molfino violated the law. Jefferson County DA Bob Wortham refused to prosecute his own investigator. Instead, Bob Wortham puts Marcelo Molfino directly on a bogus case to retaliate against me with false charges. You would think that would already be an obvious conflict of interest right? Well it gets better. Throw in my ex-wife in a bitter child custody battle paying Marcelo Molfino at least $1500 cash to try to frame me, a good and loving father, in order to get a leg up in the custody battle in which she would not win after she had been caught leaving my one year old son in parking lots crying alone in cars while she had affairs in a different vehicle. That’s not shady right? The DA investigator Marcelo Molfino got paid cash by my civil court opponent right before he charges me with false charges. How do I know this cash exchanged hands? Both Marcelo Molfino and my ex-wife admitted to the exchange of cash when they testified in court. So you see, after I blew the whistle on Molfino, and after my ex paid him cash, Marcelo Molfino then personally wrote the affidavit to have me charged with aggravated perjury. I fought back and took it to trial to clear my name. Marcelo Molfino was called to testify, and he lied through his teeth. That my friends is aggravated perjury and official oppression, and It is the worst perjury of all because this is a law enforcement officer using his position of power to lie in order to try to get someone wrongfully put in jail.
In the mistrial of the case, Marcelo Molfino testified under oath against me. In his sworn testimony, Marcelo Molfino committed over a dozen instances of perjury. Many of the instances of perjury involve Marcelo Molfino adamantly stating under oath that he was never involved in any part of the investigations against me which led to charges against me. There are numerous facts and documents the prove otherwise, and Marcelo Molfino even admitted to much of his involvement in the investigations when pressed under oath on the stand. 
To make things easy to prove the Perjury by Marcelo Molfino, I will focus on the two most obvious, egregious, and easily factually provable instances of Perjury by Marcelo Molfino.
First, the REPORTER'S RECORD VOLUME 3 OF 4 CAUSE NO. 16-25250 Jefferson County shows the sworn testimony of Marcelo Molfino on April 12, 2018.
This transcript shows, from page 262 to page 266, Marcelo Molfino on several occasions, adamantly denies that he ever was part of any investigation of the charge of perjury brought against me. In fact, Marcelo Molfino specifically testifies that he never even did any interviews nor did he ever get any information, nor did he get any statements. Marcelo Molfino testified that if he participated in those ways in any investigation against me that he would have stepped back away from being involved in the case. In fact, the transcript goes on to show that, when pressed with contradicting information, Marcelo Molfino admitted or was shown to have been involved in nearly every aspect of this investigation from the beginning against me which led to his personally filing perjury charges against me after I blew the whistle on him and after he accepted cash from my ex-wife. Specifically, the most direct and most compelling factual evidence proving that Marcelo Molfino committed perjury is a sworn statement during the bogus investigation against me that notary Crystal Hebert signed. The sworn statement specifically states that she gave the statement to and for Marcelo Molfino. This statement was taken by Marcelo Molfino and only done for the purpose investigating me to that Marcelo Molfino could personally charge me. This statement by Crystal Hebert, which was signed on 5/25/2016 the day before Marcelo Molfino then used the statement to support the charges he brought against me in his probable cause affidavit. This proves that Marcelo Molfino lied when he testified that he was never part of the investigation and never took and statements or interviews. Further proof that Molfino committed perjury is a search warrant that Marcelo Molfino personally wrote and went to a judge to confiscate my cell phone to singlehandedly gather evidence in the bogus criminal investigation Molfino brought against me. This search warrant was done by Marcelo Molfino on 5/25/2016 the day before Marcelo Molfino personally brought charges against me. This search warrant proves that Marcelo Molfino lied when he testified that when he personally wrote the affidavit to have me charged, he had never been involved in any criminal investigation against me and specifically that he had never went to get any information in the investigation.
These above factual pieces of evidence showing the search warrant by Marcelo Molfino and the statement of Chrystal Hebert taken by Marcelo Molfino, which were part of the investigation and evidence used against me by Molfino to charge me, prove in a very clear and convincing way, that Marcelo Molfino knowingly and intentionally lied under oath on April 12, 2018 when Marcelo Molfino repeatedly testified and swore that he never was involved in any part of the investigation against me and specifically had not gathered any information or statements nor done any interviews in the case he brought against me. 
Second, in his sworn testimony on April 12, 2018, Marcelo Molfino, on page 216 and 217 of the transcript, Molfino was asked about the criminal activity that I blew the whistle on Molfino to the Texas DPS well before Molfino brought any false charges against me. Molfino, when asked under oath if Texas DOS Agent Oduwole had informed him that Molfino’s actions were against the law and a class A misdemeanor, Marcelo Molfino on more than one time under oath stated NO that Oduwole did not tell him it was against the law. In reality, Agent Oduwole did in fact inform Marcelo Molfino that he was violating the law a class A Misdemeanor. Not only did Agent Oduwole put that it was a violation of the law in his report against Marcelo Molfino, but additionally, former Judge Layne Walker recently talked with Agent Oduwole and told him about Marcelo’s testimony. According to Layne Walker, Agent Oduwole stated that Marcelo Molfino had lied and that he did in fact inform Molfino that his actions were violating the law. This is another instance of clear and convincing perjury by Marcelo Molfino.
The evidence is clear, Marcelo Molfino committed perjury on April 12, 2018 in his sworn under oath testimony. Marcelo Molfino lied under oath in a trial where he was personally accusing me of lying and had brought charges against me with his power as a public official. Marcelo Molfino seemingly did this as an attempt to retaliate against me after I had blown the whistle on him and after he accepted cash from my ex-wife. Marcelo Molfino lied under oath in an attempt to deceive the jury and Marcelo should be charged for these serious crimes especially since he is a person of power and trust who was lying in an attempt to deprive me of my rights and liberties. 
The Texas Rangers did a fair and thorough investigation and I believe the Special Prosecutor will present all these facts and evidence to a grand jury and Justice will finally be done and Marcelo Molfino will be indicted for the abuse of power and official oppression and perjury committed by Jefferson County District Attorney Investigator Marcelo Molfino. God has blessed me. Through my trials I was able to uncover the illegal activity of these public officials which has and will help many others by putting a stop to their corruption. All cases against me got eventually dismissed and I moved on and have a wonderful family. My wife Denise Bellow and I recently had a son and that makes 3 boys, and we are having a blast together as a family. Those three boys could have been without a father due to a bad officer Marcelo Molfino who tried to falsely charge me as he has done to many other innocent people in the past. Its time he is brought to justice. His existence as an officer, with the knowledge of the facts and evidence which prove his criminal activity, is a slap in the face of the good officers out there trying to do their job the right way.


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