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Breaking TX Rangers Report! DA Bob Wortham Falsely Charged David Bellow in Bribe to Obtain Political Website – Case sent to Special Prosecutor

Breaking Texas Rangers Report! Jefferson County DA Bob Wortham Falsely Charged David Bellow in Bribe to Obtain Political Website – Texas Rangers Investigate and Send Official Oppression Case to Special Prosecutor - District Attorney Wortham likely to face Grand Jury

Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham has been under investigation by the Texas Rangers for, among other things, bribery and pay to prosecute, official oppression, and abuse of power for crimes committed against political rival David Bellow (read below for specific details). The Texas Rangers completed their investigation and sent the case to a Special Prosecutor, and elected San Jacinto County District Attorney, Robert Trapp. The special prosecutor has the choice to dismiss the case, or present the case to a grand jury. Given the crisis in America with abuse of power by those in office causing distrust of officers, it is vital that DA Bob Wortham is brought to justice for his crimes so that Americans see that even those in power must follow the laws. Bringing the bad guys with badges to justice will help the community trust law enforcement and will allow the many good officers out there to be respected and be able to do their jobs.
I know about all of the details of this case because I am the victim of this abuse of power and official oppression. Wortham falsely charged me to shut me up. After all the false charges against me were dismissed, I took the evidence to the Texas Rangers who then opened up a case against DA Bob Wortham and Investigator Marcelo Molfino. I have kept quiet about the specific details of this criminal case while the Texas Rangers were investigating so that evidence didn’t get interfered with, but now that the investigation by the Rangers is completed, it is time the details got revealed. Part one of this public official criminal scheme was posted earlier this month: Investigator Marcelo Molfino Committed Perjury against David Bellow – Texas Rangers Submit Report to Special Prosecutor. That story detailed the perjury of Bob Wortham’s DA investigator Marcelo Molfino. I also previously wrote an article with an overview of the situation: False Stalking and Perjury Charges against David Bellow DROPPED – Texas Rangers Investigating DA Bob Wortham for Corruption. Now it’s time to reveal the shocking details of the criminal activity of Bob Wortham that the Texas Rangers investigated and submitted a criminal case on.
So what did DA Bob Wortham do exactly? In short, he tried to falsely prosecute me and used it as leverage to then demand that I sell him a private political website in exchange for him dropping the false prosecution. 
It all started a few years ago when I was going through a divorce. My ex wife had been leaving our one year old son in cars in parking lots while she had an affair. She might not have fared too well in our child custody case, so she then hired DA Investigator Marcelo Molfino to try to dig up dirt against me. I turned in Marcelo Molfino for doing private investigation without a license. The Texas DPS determined that Molfino was in violation of a Class A misdemeanor. Molfino’s boss is Bob Wortham and Bob Wortham refused to prosecute his investigator Molfino. Next thing you know, I get arrested and charged by DA Wortham and his investigator Molfino. I knew it was done in retaliation for me blowing the whistle on Marcelo Molfino. I had not committed any crime and I knew they wanted to silence me.
I didn’t let them silence me though and I fought back. That got me digging even more into Marcelo Molfino and Bob Wortham and I uncovered even more criminal activity by Molfino that Bob Wortham knew about and was covering up. I started doing records requests for DA office public records, and I bought to post the details of the criminal activity of elected official Bob Wortham and his Investigator.
After the main charges they brought against me got tossed out, there was only one misdemeanor left against me and I was going to fight to expose the truth and get that false charge tossed out too. However, this final charge was the last of the leverage Bob Wortham had against me in their quest to silence my first amendment Constitutional rights. That is when they made their move. My attorney got a message from the DA’s office telling me I could get an eventual dismissal of the final charge in return for me selling the DA my political website and agree to drop my information requests connected to their criminal activity.

I distinctly remember when I heard about this, the first thing I told my attorney was that what they wanted was illegal and a bribe. The DA was requesting something of private personal value from me in exchange for an official prosecution decision. Not only was he holding false charges over my head in exchange for him getting something of value from me, but the bribe offer proved what I knew all along and that was that the DA was attempting to prosecute me as retaliation for me speaking out against him and their end goal was to simply silence me.

I was a great plan, to put someone against the wall and offer them easy freedom if they pay the DA what the DA wanted. The problem is I was innocent and I don’t give up standing for what is right. The first thing I did was call the Rangers and tell them I was offered a bribe by DA Wortham. The ranger I talked to said that basically there is no solid evidence unless I go along with it. I would have to go along with the bribe deal in order to take this corrupt DA down once and for all. No matter what, I was never going to admit guilt for something I didn’t do, nor was I going to be found guilty. So the DA really wanted that website and offered me to NO CONTEST for deferred adjudication dismissal which means no guilty plea and no guilty final adjudication and in 6 months the case gets completely dismissed. If I didn’t take the deal I would be fighting for another year to be found not guilty and I might not get solid evidence against the DA. If I took the deal I get the charges dismissed and no admission or finding of guilt and I get the evidence I need to take down the corrupt DA. Then after I prove the illegal activity of the DA, I could then file to have everything against me tossed out, even the deal, based on the deal, and the underlying charges, having been part of a political prosecution and part of the illegal activity of DA Bob Wortham and Marcelo Molfino.

So I go along with the bribery offer in order to get the evidence I needed to bring to the Texas Rangers. Sure enough, right after the deal was done I got a request from GoDaddy telling me someone wanted to by my website for $200. I ask GoDaddy to confirm that the offer to buy the website was part of the DA prosecution deal. GoDaddy confirmed this for me. So I sold the website and went to the Texas Rangers. Also part of the deal was that I not use my first amendment right to get public records from the DA which could show possible Criminal actions by the DA’s office. So I abandoned those records requests.

The Texas Rangers sent an out of town ranger from the Austin public corruption unit. He did a thorough investigation. The DA had given the evidence needed to prove the corruption. Would you believe the DA’s office sent a text with the bribe details? That literally sent it in a text that I could print out! If they are that bold and feel untouchable to send their criminal activity details in a text, I hate to think of what other corruption they are involved in that they are hiding. For starters, I do know from multiple credible sources that when the Feds stopped a big time illegal gambling ringleader Larry Tillery, the first person Tillery called from his car was Bob Wortham to have him call the officers and cease the traffic stop. Tillery was convicted and sent to jail, and maybe there is a case out there the feds are working on against Wortham too with the wire tap tape recording they have of the call. 
So to wrap things up, the Rangers investigated DA Bob Wortham for the crimes committed against me. The public copy of the Texas Rangers investigation Report confirms that DA Wortham and his office are under investigation for abuse of power and official oppression against me related to the political website bribe. (see report below). Now that investigation has been turned over to the Special Prosecutor. If a grand jury sees the facts and evidence that I have seen, I have no doubt there will be an indictment of sitting Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham. 

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