Tuesday, August 27, 2013

San Antonio’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance Discriminates Against People Of Faith

from Texas GOP Vote by Sonja Harris: http://www.texasgopvote.com/issues/restore-families/san-antonio-s-non-discrimination-ordinance-discriminates-against-people-faith-005771

Anti-Christian events in San Antonio are not new. The very perverted Corpus Christi Play at the San Antonio Playhouse opened in 2011 depicting Christ as a homosexual. Very few San Antonio residents voiced their opposition to the play to the city council. Deacon Pat Rogers from the SA Archdiocese did tell me that he and other faith leaders had indeed stood before the city council in opposition and their message fell on deaf ears.As Catholics we have to understand the underlying agenda of Mayor Julian Castro as he is aligned with Obama in bringing same sex marriage to our cities. In San Antonio the anti discrimination ordinance is not about discrimination towards the homosexual but about same sex marriage becoming a reality.In June of 2011 I wrote an article on the Corpus Christi Play and below is an excerpt:Corpus Christi, the play by Terrence McNally, will open on June 17 and run until July 10 at the San Pedro Playhouse in San Antonio, Texas. Freedom of expression is being used to hide behind this ‘teachable moment’ of tolerance by depicting Christ as a queer. Plain and simple, it is a play that wants to continue perverting our mental image of homosexual life. Mixing religion and homosexuality makes for an appalling partnership. It is the people in a community who decide what is acceptable or not. But it seems that in San Antonio there is not enough interest by the ordinary citizen in protesting this supposedly ‘great, successful’ play.Fast forward to 2013 where now Castro’s message is expanding. If the Catholics in San Antonio do not stand against this ‘new’ proposed non discrimination ordinance, ‘so called’ Catholic Mayor Julian Castro will undoubtly pull the rug from under Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller's feet. His eminence must come out and denounce this ordinance or the people of San Antonio will lose their Right of Conscience if it is approved. This power play must end in retreat by the City Council members.There are many warriors fighting the battle and Phil Sevilla of the Texas Leadership Coalition has been in the front lines. I spoke to Sevilla and this is what he had to say.I asked him what he thought about Pastor Hagee’s statement found on the front page of the SA Express N News that he ‘now agrees with the ordinance’ since the clause that would allow candidates for city boards and commissions that discriminated against gay and transgender people in ‘word or deed’ has been removed. His answer was emphatic.NO, NO, the whole ordinance needs to be defeated. The whole premise of the ordinance is wrong. Sexual orientation is wrong because on the face of it, ultimately it will result in reverse discrimination against individuals or organizations or businesses. Even if this clause is removed, it does not change the underlying purpose of the ordinance. They are aligned with the National Homosexual agenda which is to include in the municipal statutes, the anti discrimination statutes, sexual orientation and gender identity. This will lead in the future for marriage equality. It is a national agenda for marriage equality and nothing about discrimination. When we met with Diego Bernal, SA City Councilman District 1, with Pastor Flowers and Pastor Ripley a few months ago I asked, “Diego is there any evidence that there is discrimination against the homosexuals in San Antonio”? Diego answered, No, we don’t have discrimination here in San Antonio but we need to put this in the books. There is no evidence of any discrimination so why is this necessary to impose this on the citizens on San Antonio and the stress to hang over the businesses to accommodate the public that they can be sued and complaints filed against them.As Catholics we must affirm these persons who have every right to our respect, because they are made in the image and likeness of God but they are also made a male and female. And to confirm them in their sexual orientation disorder is wrong. There is ample evidence that many have come out of that lifestyle by embracing their Christian faith or through therapy, but this is being silenced by the homosexual activists. They want to shut down any kind of therapy that offers hope to those who are afflicted by the ‘same sex attraction disorder’. That is the clinical term used by therapists who work with homosexuals who are unhappy about their condition. So why would we as church and state affirm persons who are unhappy or who have this disorder. Why should we affirm this as natural when it is not natural? We have to speak the truth in love. And in this case it needs to be said as ‘tough love’. It is very important that we as Catholics understand what is underneath it all.While not too clear when the Archbishop will comment on the ordinance, Deacon Pat Rogers did state that he will.Senator Ted Cruz on the ordinance, “Any attempt to bar an individual from public service based on a personal religious conviction is contrary to the liberties guaranteed us under our constitution and should be emphatically opposed. It is encouraging to see so many Texans standing up to defend their religious freedoms in light of the misguided proposal put forth by the local city council.”The latest version of the city ordinance is still in rough draft and will be addressed later this month (August). As you can see, some items have been red lined. You can still have your voice heard on Wednesdays at the SA City Council meetings. The entire ordinance should be defeated for the purposes outlined above.ADOPTING A CONSOLIDATED NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY WITH EXPANDED PROTECTIONS; ESTABLISHING AND AMENDING CERTAIN SECTIONS OF THE CITY CODE; ADOPTING A NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT AS REQUIRED UNDER TITLE VI OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 AND RELATED STATUTES; AND PROVIDING FOR PENALTIES AND DIRECTING PUBLICATION.http://blog.mysanantonio.com/politics/files/2013/08/13-0807-Non-Discrimination-Ordinance.pdfThe Rally to ‘Celebrate Life, Marriage, Family & Our Precious Freedoms’ at Milam Park on August 3 took a turn when rowdy, instigators interrupted a peaceful and prayerful Catholic/Christian gathering. Is this what we should look forward to if this anti discrimination ordinance discriminates against people of faith? RED SONJA 2013© http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah0C5rFWd64 FIND YOUR SA CITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE http://www.sanantonio.gov/Council.aspx#7801-mayor -

See more at: http://www.texasgopvote.com/issues/restore-families/san-antonio-s-non-discrimination-ordinance-discriminates-against-people-faith-005771#sthash.IUiWnYZJ.dpuf


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