Thursday, October 6, 2011

Important Survey on Texas Republican Legislative Priorities Report - Also SREC Meeting Update

Update: There are a bunch of people taking the survey so the survey is not letting everyone take it at the same time. PLEASE just try the link again or wait till later today! It will work, I promise! there are just a bunch of people taking it right now!

Please PASS THIS SURVEY ON to all Republicans in Texas and I will email the results to the SREC and the Republican Party of Texas. This is not an official SREC survey. I am a member of the SREC and will be voting on this issue and debating the issue in the SREC. I want to make sure that the SREC knows what YOU think. So take the survey and pass it on!

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What is the Survey About? What is the Legislative Priorities Report?

The thousands of Republican Delegates at the Texas Republican State Convention voted overwhelmingly to approve the Legislative Priorities Report section of the 2010 Texas Republican State Platform.

This Legislative Priorities section of the Platform calls for the Republican Party of Texas (the State Republican Executive Committee and State Republican Chairman) to release a report of how Republican Elected Officials voted on key Republican Party Values and Beliefs. There is no scoring or grading of elected officials involved in this report. It is only to be a list of bills relating to Republican Party Values and the list of how each Legislator voted. Republicans in Texas will be able to see how their Legislator voted on important Republican issues and those constituents can make their own determinations based on their own beliefs. This report will not make any determinations about legislators and will only serve as a factual record of important bills and votes.

Some SREC Members are For Publishing a Report and Some Are Not.

I am not going to point anyone out and we have not even voted on the issue yet at an SREC meeting, but I can tell you that there are some on the SREC, for various reasons, who do not like the idea of the SREC and RPT publishing a Legislative Priorities Report.

There are also some SREC members who (regardless of if they are for or against the Report) believe that this Report would go against the Republican Party SREC Bylaws that prohibit the Party from using resources to get involved in intra-party races (like supporting one Republican over another Republican in a primary election). I do not believe this Report goes against the bylaws. If this report of votes goes against the bylaws simply because there is a "possibility" that one Republican might use it as a resource against another Republican, then most of the Republican Party resources could be considered as going against the bylaws because most of the RPT resources "could" be used by one Republican against another Republican in a primary election.

Even if this Report is seen as breaking the Republican Party bylaws, all that would need to be done would be a simple change of the bylaws to allow the SREC to publish voting records for bills related to important party values. The Republican Delegates at the State Convention voted to publish the Report and so it would be logical that they would also have approved to change the bylaws to have the Report if they thought there would be an issue.

This Report is not target anyone and does not give anyone any type of advantage. Just because the report shows that a legislator voted against a bill does not mean the legislator is in trouble with his voters. The legislator might have voted against a bill because that is what the voters in his district wanted him to do. This Report simply makes government more open and allows for Republicans to see how their Republican legislator voted on important Republican Party Values. After all, being a Republican, having Republican Values, and having a Platform would not mean much if we did not stand by our values, encourage Republicans to vote for Republican values, and make it easy for voters to see how their elected officials voted on important Republican values legislation.

Some have said that the votes are already out there and the RPT does not need get involved. It is true that the votes are already out there and available through other resources, but telling people that they can find it elsewhere is not what we were asked to do. The Party Platform asks us to publish it ourselves.

Some have said that we could just post a list of all bills and votes instead of posting a list of the bills relating to the Republican Party Platform. That is a great idea, but it is still not what we were asked to do. We were asked to publish the list of Republican values legislation/votes. We were not asked to publish a list of all votes and just tell people to search for the bills themselves.

Some have asked, how do we decide which bills deal with Republican values? I do not think it would be very difficult to generate a list using keywords, but of course we would want it to be fair and unbiased so we should ask every legislator to help by submitting to us and bills that they believe should be included or should not be included in the Report and the SREC could vote to approve or reject the request.

Ultimately, we just need to vote in favor of publishing a report and that means changing the bylaws if needed. The last thing we would ever want is for grassroots Republicans (and liberals) thinking that the Republican Party of Texas does follow the Party Platform and does not listen to the Republican Delegates. Let's just publish the Report this year and then at the next convention in 2012 we can figure out if the report should stay in the platform or if it should be changed, corrected, or clarified.

That is What I Think.

Now I want to know what YOU think! Take the Survey!

Please take the survey and pass it on so that others can take the survey.


I alone am responsible for the above comments and I alone am responsible for this survey. I want to know what you think about this issue.

Once the survey is completed, I will email out the results of the survey to the entire SREC, County Chairmen, and my mailing list. I will also post the result on my website  and also on

If you would like to get an email with the results please send your email address to

Please forward this survey to every Republican you know so that we can get a good sample of what YOU the REPUBLICAN VOTERS have to say about this issue.

David Bellow
State Republican Executive Committeeman for Senate District 3

also contact David Bellow on TWITTER: @DavidBellow and on FACEBOOK: David Bellow


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