Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Government Spending does not equal Better Education

Education budgets around the nation have become extremely bloated over the past few decades while education has not gotten any better. Below are two interesting statistics. School spending needs to be reformed. Schools need to spend money on education instead of raising taxes to pay for non-educational waste.

Stat #1)

Nationally, Since 1970, inflation adjusted public school spending has more than doubled. Over the same period, achievement of students at the end of high school has stagnated according to the Department of Education’s own long term National Assessment of Educational Progress. Meanwhile, the high school graduation rate has declined by 4 or 5%, according to Nobel laureate economist James Heckman.

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stat #2)

on a state by state basis, the following chart shows that more money spent per pupil does not mean higher scores. In fact, some states that spend the least amount of money per pupil have much higher sat scores than states that spend the most. Utah spends less than half the money per pupil than what New York or Washington DC spends per pupil and yet Utah has much higher SAT scores.

see chart at     for state by state spending and scores


  1. Why can't POLITICIANS ever get things right. If you want to make cut backs WORK...start from the top...cut senator and legislative salaries...cut out their aides...and all their extras. Tell us just how much that would save?? Why are we still giving foreign aid money when we can not educate our own children. Our poor excuse for a government could bail out the crooks on wall street and all the banks for making bad greedy deals...But our kids have to pay the price. How do you look at yourself each day in the mirror?

  2. I like your post and agree with your point that better education can be achieved by better education policy not by spending too much money .

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