Monday, December 24, 2012

List of U.S. Black Conservative/Republican Blogs/Websites (lots of them!)

Below is a list of Black Conservative and/or Republican blogs/websites in the United States of America. The following list IS NOT a complete list and I am sure there are many other black conservative blogs that should be added to this list, so if you see someone missing from this list just send me an email and I will add their conservative blog/website to this list.

This following list is mainly a copy and past from Booker Rising (this is a News Website for Black Moderates and Black Conservatives). I had never seen such great list of black conservative blogs until I came across the Booker Rising website and it is well worth it to re-post this list and spread it around!
Click on the blogs below to check them out and read their articles, and again, If you know of another blog to add to this list then please contact me and I will add it so the list can keep growing. I have already added a few Texas Black conservatives to this blog list and I know there are more out there.

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